Friday, December 12, 2008

What They Said

I am suh-lammed at work lately and trying to maintain my bloggaholic reading but I am seriously going to have to segregate you guys - ala Monday's Military, Tuesday's Teutonics - well, whatevers.

I was visiting here and agreed with much of it. My sole stance on the matter is what I was taught long ago - religion is not fit for casual discussion and to never question the manner in which one has found God. My own belief system has been a circle - more a spiral, really. It evolves just as I do and just, as I am sure, it is intended. But what made me dtevelop his post was this from the comments.

William the Coroner Says: December 10th, 2008 at
7:33 am

A-men, sister. A tremendous part of growing up is “getting the
fuck over yourself.” A LOT of people have forgotten that.

For which can I get a damned AMEN?!

DAILY we meet up with people who have the maturity of a gaggle of 12 yr old girls. And these are adults, supposedly, functioning in society. I think the most amusing thing I see are folks who create a blog intended to invite discourse on a deeply important topic and - when their own stance is questioned - and their intellect fucking can't step up. They put their fingers in their blog-ears, or pick up their bloggy ball and go home. Example here which leads you to the guilty party.

You know, I link to and quote Billy A LOT. And I know that what he writes and espouses is...sometimes disturbing. Trust me - I've known the man for decades, now, and he hasn't changed. Scratch that - he LEARNS. He evolves. But he has never once bent the knee for some brat who is looking to stake a claim in the 'sphere and he never will. You will write cogently. You will organize your thoughts and arguments clearly. And you will use words as they were fucking well intended. To MEAN something. And if you will do this he will spend days with you, he will turn his head and mind to you. You will LEARN more than you can imagine.

But if all you can do is be a vapid playah then you had better keep walking. Because he will spike you. What he intends is simple - he will not be enslaved and he will never ask that you do so on his behalf. Period. His concept of freedom it was originally intended. It is, in this modern day, like some ancient artifact that no one quite understands. And my fear is great that the understanding will fail just when it is most needed.

This entire country is as close to falling completely away from its origins as it ever has. I know that many think it is just a stage, a growing pain. But when you look at it from all angles you can see the cracks - huge fissures, really - of which an intellectual laziness of the populace is the most evident. Oh, they're all college educated - but perhaps 4% could pass the graduation test of a one-room schoolhouse from the 1800's. And that is...progress?!

Och, this has turned into a rant and for that I am sorry. I'd intended only a snippet of "Look! See?!" Which is generally what I am good at. Because I've had no formal education. What I know came from a self-education that came with scars and bad dreams. But it also carves away the bullshit. It isn't all about me. I have to "get the fuck over" myself to this day. And I work at it all the time. But...

Right now, things are being done to ensure words like these are never permitted airing.
Right now, the weapons you own are being noted.
Right now, your usual behavior is counted upon.
Right now, sleeping leviathans are rolling over and stretching.
Right now, the very long game is coming to a close and it is delicate, darling YOU it intends to ensnare.

So just start thinking. Start LOOKING at the damned thing. You cannot VOTE your way out of it. I wish it were possible - that I could without it meaning a damned gun being aimed at you.

Just start watching, and thinking, and taking the thought out to the very crux of the matter. And be ready. Because that is what they are counting on - that when the pot starts to boil you'll be so so toasty and comfy that you won't notice the heat. Or the dying.


Liberty Girl said...

Well said. We're here, fingers on trigger guards.

LauraB said...

LG, I've got your 6 any day of the week.

folly said...

When I'm sure we're finished, I'll unload and show clear, but not until then. And I will never allow myself to be vulnerable.

It is a matter of waking people up. I really hope that when things start happening that can actually break through the thick skin of apathy that has been created, people will wake up and look around. I really don't think they'll like what they see.

Have you seen WallE? "We have a pool?"

That's where we are right now. Most of us don't even know what we have.

By the way, thank LG (or curse her), because you're going on my blogroll.

Keep the faith.

LauraB said...

Thankee, Folly! Glad to have ya. (I think this makes a whole 8 people who visit regularly. Woot!)

You're quite right on the complete lack of...inventory. Guilty as charged, actually. And definitely something that will be addressed because I am going to be needing a lot of storage room, I think.

folly said...

Every once in a while, I have to stop, step back and look at what I really have. There's so much available it's easy to get stuck in acquisition mode. Some days it seems like I never have enough.

Those are the days I have to look around.

I didn't know how many people I knew with kids that had problems...until I had kids.

I didn't know how many people I knew without a steady job until I had one.

Sometimes you just can't know what you have until you meet someone who doesn't have anything.

It's amazingly easy to lose sight of what's important.

I look forward to your writing.

Keep the faith.