Sunday, January 11, 2009

Because You Knew It'd Happen

I had to dispense with the sweetness and light sometime, right?

I say that the culture war is essentially lost now, Perry.
What's left is annotation.Posted by Billy Beck at January 7, 2009 01:44 PM

Now, isn't that a succinct way to put it? And I am afraid that I agree. All of this - all these words, polls, opinions and court cases are, in the end, meaningless against what is being brought to bear. unassailable in general ways. But there is, as he has often noted, an alternative.

One must stop feeding the monster.

But with that comes great risk - and one that I admittedly refuse to take. Now.

Ask me again in a year or so...


Ed Rasimus said...

Perry de Havilland talks about the need to speak truth to BS--an essential element of the blogosphere. Billy Beck retorts that the writing we do now will be largely archival and that a more tangible resistance to the whole declining mess is appropriate.

They are both correct! A principal function of the non-mainstream SERIOUS bloggers (not the hysterical, emotional, irrational propagandists) is the establishment of an awareness that there are a lot of like-thinking objectivists, capitalists and freedom loving patriots still extant. We are not alone. We may not even be in the minority.

The question is how long will it take for the pendulum to swing back, or as Beck predicts, are we too far down the slide?

LauraB said...

I am quite flattered to see you here! Thank you!

I believe there is ample evidence that we have not only gone too far down the slide but that there is a really fat kid at the top about to come down after to smash all our faces into the gravel. (I mock but it has truth...)

I don't think there is anything wrong with the scribes and annotations. They served many cultures in the past, after all. (Skalds, druids, etc.) I just think that too many people believe if they can just get this or that fact "out there" that change can be made.

I believe it is far, far too late for any of that and high time to ensure we care for ourselves.

Meanwhile, I fervently hope that I am wrong.