Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How She Does It

...I have no idea. But look:
"Icy water and warm lips, we thirst, we reach with that last translucent breath, closing our eyes to softly bite the secret barb."

Damn it.

If I had a left nut, I'd give it to acquire that sort of language. Just amazing...


Ed Rasimus said...

Quite the package that woman! Great writer, talented cook, gifted photographer, dedicated shooter, and very well educated forensic professional.

The eye of a poet and the skills to translate the vision into images that we, the unwashed, can appreciate.

LauraB said...

She is flat out astounding. And, frankly, one of a very short list of people that I wish I could be.

D.W. said...

I found myself wishing that there were more to that piece, a whole book to fill my mind with. Truly wonderful writing.

I would give up a family jewel to write like that..since I already have two rugrats it wouldn't be an issue. ;-)

Brigid said...

Thank you folks. Ed. . you are too kind. . as a writer of note, with published work, that's a compliment.

Honest Laura. . the secret is Guinness. One of those and a warm fire and the words just flow.

LauraB said...

Darlin', in the immortal words of my mother: "Chuh!"

You are gifted, truly.

(And try to tell me you didn't give a wee girlish giggle over Ed's compliments. Hell, *I* did for ya!)