Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Coffee

The world is too much with us...the day started much too early for me. It actually started at 2am when Trooper came in from work only to have me howl like a banshee in dreamland. I woke and sat nearly upright, yelling his name. Talk about a shock to the system - he came in ready to take on anything. "The dog...I was dreaming the dog was out..." Ahem. Well, it was more dire in my dream. Perhaps there were zombies involved or something.

At any rate, the dog later decided it was time to go out so I wandered to the door at 6a, fed the everlovin' cats, then demanded the dog's return. No, no sunrise for you this morning. I am going back to bed.

Yeah...7:30 he was back...

When Trooper finally got up we headed out, the day far too windy and chilled to do anything outdoorsy. Drive around, look for a meal and some land...we stopped in at the local VFD, getting the lowdown on the fundraiser Sunday, planning to meet at the SPJST. Just then the alarm went off - it's like a tornado siren except directly overhead. His friends all started loading up, gear thrown into personal vehicles, a very young son jumping into his dad's truck. Small town life...we'd just talked about how the winds today would be devastating if a fire broke out. Word was that one was a small local grass fire.

It was over our favorite burger about 30 miles down the road that we noticed the smoke in the distance. Fire. "Damn it..." whispered the old locals, everyone keeping an eye out the window while eating, a few people making some haste and heading out. We finished and drove that way, hoping to find it a similar small burn well in-hand.

It's a major road and people just hauled ass without even thinking that their visibility was about to go to nil. Trooper moved out of the way for our friend, the Constable, as he hauled ass in his truck, the lights hardly enough to get the attention of the usual left lane riders. We crested the hill and the smoke rolled across as I turned off the AC. I watched as it filled the pasture across the highway, the winds just whirling it across the land. Not moments after we left the area, unable to do more to help, we heard that it had crossed the highway, embers flying on the wind and settling in that pasture...

That was perhaps 1p. It's 11p and the gentleman is still out there, still directing trucks and water to areas, trying to save homes deep in the woods, piney woods that are rare in this part of the state. Back in Georgia, we know how easily that stuff burns. Add in that 30-40MPH wind and you've a thick and deep, well-fed fire.

Our local VFD has been there all day. They'll be there all night. And some will stay to man the smokers all through the night, too, so that the fund raiser can go on, come what may. I sent Trooper back out with a thermos full of hot coffee - it's a chilly night and you never know who might need it...better to have it than not...

It's a small town. Everyone will be there and, even in these difficult times, they'll reach deep to buy that extra ticket, make that bid at the auction, and nod knowingly as they speak of the houses lost and the people suddenly homeless.

People who already worked a 40 hr wk have been out, working another 12 hours for free with the likelihood of another 18 ahead of them before sleep comes. You cannot discount all of the world just least not this little corner of it. I reckon they'll hold whatever they can if and when the time comes...

Better Words Than Mine

I can tell you where you find them. Here. Hell, the quality of the comments is almost as good. Witness dear Joan..."Meanwhile, while Atlas is shrugging, Mars has a unwilling hand on the sword hilt, refusing to recognize the Commander in Chief."

Mars, indeed.

They'll be home again, soon, and we shall see which way that trained wind blows. Of course, not only the good guys signed up. A generous few came from certain elements that will take that training home, making their usual urban warfare of my youth something to be looked on wistfully.

Still, so many boots...and I think they'll march in the right direction.

Foreign & Domestic

Found this link - stirring, heart-rendingly earnest, and with a sense of...inevitable war. Bless the man. Though I do fear sometimes that this is is all "...sound and fury signifying nothing".

Still, surrender isn't an option, is it? it was at Harfleur (to mix my plays), "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..."

Friday, February 27, 2009

What Do You Grok From This?

I don't link often enough to Sarah. Well-written blog, sensible gal, and someone who could use a prayer or two just now for what might be a child in the womb she'd do anything to bear. And a wee thought for her husband who is in the midst of his SERE travail. "...think I'll eat some worms..."

Meanwhile, she notes this. Very interesting, indeed. Idling, they say...something to keep in mind, though. Where they're at, how many, and whose...

Take Your Best Shot

O, Fortuna is playing on the radio just now and this...well, it's an apt soundtrack with the hush and the building tension - and the loud, echoing shot.

Impressive. Damned impressive.


Ah, an interesting feint. The American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front.
It's quite a title and somewhat meshes with what V-man was writing about recently. I suspect Pat is right that the conservative side of things was watered down over the years.

I'll be keeping an eye on that...just bear in mind that the Constitution isn't a delivery system for rights but rather a sort of limitation thereof. Take care when using it as a basis for declaring your freedom...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hot Air

A quickie - a very interesting trick. Possible, I suppose...

Patriot Act

An interesting turn of events...

"His contention is that as an active member of the U.S. military, he is required to follow orders from a sitting president, and he needs – on pain of court-martial – to know that Obama is eligible. "

Well, now...isn't that an act of patriotism?

""Until Mr. Obama releases a 'vault copy' of his original birth certificate for public review, I will consider him neither my Commander in Chief nor my President, but rather, a usurper to the Office – an impostor," his statement said. "

I like that - Usurper. I think that may be a good moniker for the One.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Third

In one of those strange little coincidences, I noted that Patton was coming on and, while it would not be the full length version, I still told Tivo to fetch it.

I cannot explain why that movie and his story is so evocative for me. I saw it once when I was rather a punk. I believe it was a piece of the puzzle that moved me on from that place in my life to something more...tolerable.

Everyone knows, of course, that amazing footage of George C. Scott in front of the giant flag...but the story is here. And the speech in all its unexpurgated glory. Read what the directors chose to leave out. I think this bit will stay with me a time...

"We'll win this war, but we'll win it only by fighting and by showing the Germans that we've got more guts than they have; or ever will have. We're not going to just shoot the sons-of-bitches, we're going to rip out their living Goddamned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We're going to murder those lousy Hun cocksuckers by the bushel-fucking-basket. War is a bloody, killing business. You've got to spill their blood, or they will spill yours. Rip them up the belly. Shoot them in the guts. When shells are hitting all around you and you wipe the dirt off your face and realize that instead of dirt it's the blood and guts of what once was your best friend beside you, you'll know what to do!"

You'll know what to do.

I do hope so...

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

An interesting development and one that makes me consider a trip to the Capitol to personally thank the gentlemen in question. Admittedly, some are curious about the language but the is the intent that makes me smile.

Details here...
"Texas has joined the states’ right and Tenth Amendment movement by introducing
House Concurrent Resolution No. 50, filed earlier this week by Republican state
representatives Leo Berman [Smith County], Brandon Creighton [Montgomery County - part], and Bryan Hughes [Camp, Harrison, Upshur, Wood Counties]. H.C.R. 50 cites Section 4, Article IV, of the Constitution,
the Tenth Amendment, and the Ninth Amendment."

They've done it before, they can do it again.

Links of the Damned

Billy was workin' it lately after his time in Japan...forgive me as I pick the bones there. Some of you may not make it and you ought to see these.

I really enjoyed this one as I am in the midst of figuring out what to do about my own 401k holdings. I want to get what I can before they are taken away to pay for whatever unicorn candyapple POS comes next. Can I turn that account into gold, cash, anything? As the author states, nope.

And here, another:
"...we haven't yet seen how finance will become politicians' ultimate weapon to stifle dissent and ensure obedience."

An interesting turn of events here - damned sad, Okkies. And what shame for any Guardsman who sees this for what it is. At least LEARN from it...perhaps there is that...

Lastly? This...which chills and makes clear the Possible - hell, I'm a pessimist/stoic - the Likely.

I think tonight I'll pretend I know no better, watch inane programs, sweet movies, and imagine it all away. Just a few hours.

But I do keep looking at things around me, the accoutrements of my life, the haphazard still long will they be mine? How much of it will I leave behind if forced? What will I find necessary to serve me if I leave?

I wasn't really certain that we were across that line yet. I'm starting to think that maybe...well, maybe we are.

Disgusting Dereliction of Duty

I cannot even find words to create a pattern of my disgust for these charlatans who gleefully brought misery and hell to innocents.

As Trooper and I always say - you have the god-like right of life, liberty, and death over people with that badge/office. You'd damned well better be sure before you take action on any of those rights.

I might not agree 100% with all of Balko's opinions but in his investigations of misconduct he is a superb example of Heinlein's Professional Witness. Only what he knows to be true is brought forth. Facts matter.

For those two pieces of filth? I do hope they get to spend some time in an adjacent cell...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot Damn - Santelli Lays It Flat Out

This video was just fantastic. H/T to Billy for the link.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Modern Alamo

I found Brigid's post this morning quite surprising - a sort of coincidence that was unexpected. When Trooper was away, he took one day to visit Bracketville and see the Alamo Village. It was the mock-up set used for John Wayne's movie, The Alamo.

He walked all over it, met the local Sheriff (who wears rather more hats than that), and received a personal tour of the place. He was an Alamo expert of sorts and they discussed over an hour the intricate details of the story, the site, and this place. It gave him a kind of vindication for his decision all over again. After all, Trooper left behind all he'd known, a retirement, friends...all left to chase this dream from his youth. As he talked with the man he found that the gentleman had experienced something much the same - drawn to the place from youth, leaving his northern home as soon as his age permitted.

Last night, Trooper put the DVD in, starting the Making Of documentary first, pointing out all the places he'd seen. It was built like a real city - not just plywood with supports. We listened as it related how John Wayne had wanted to tell the story in a way that would resonate. (Don't miss Laurence Harvey delivering lines from Romeo and Juliet in his genteel southern accent.)

Within the dialogue were amazing bits of language - words that I desperately needed.
"Republic. I like the sound of the word. It means people can live free, talk
free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober, however they choose. Some
words give you a feeling. Republic is one of those words that makes me tight in
the throat - the same tightness a man gets when his baby takes his first step or
his first baby shaves and makes his first sound as a man. Some words can give
you a feeling that makes your heart warm. Republic is one of those words."

I'd been doing research yesterday and it had me full of worries, and thoughts of adjusting my priorities drastically. So the above was something of a reassurance. As it once was so might it once be again but not without sacrifice, not without some measure of honor bled out.

V-man writes of bloodless coup. I do not think it possible. You may get the politicians to ease their way out (though I have sincere doubts). But it is the street that is problematic. The unwashed masses, as it were, who have no desire to return to a sane and logical manner of living. What? Earn what they get? Oh, ho! No, not if they can avoid it. And by avoid I mean take it from whomever has it.

Too, it is not just our country to worry about. Do you really think those are the only hands in the mess? Meanwhile, I've many links and connections to develop. A pattern to discern. I wonder sometimes if I'm quite mad, because it is all so very...obvious. And yet ignored. At our peril.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chattering Class

Oh, my...just the thing to remind me that what I feel these days is very well founded. Courtesy of that gentleman, Ed, I hadn't heard it before now.

Would that he was the "first one up agains the wall". Oh, there's chatter, Sirrah. And the echoes of which ring wide. The day will come - as it must. Perhaps that is why there is so much of this and this just now? Yes, I do like to find patterns in the chaos. It is just something I do...

Might not be spot-on accurate but it is awfully coinky-dinky. And don't worry - I've a post percolating about that whole SWAT-ification of the nation...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Damn it, Joannie!

Yeah, so, I'm probably "hanging out, casual".
Sad thing is - Trooper can dance.

We don't go dancing.

Do the math.

Um...Where was I?

That's what I'm wondering because whatever I was going to do was forgotten about a dozen links ago. I do know it started with Joan's link to the fracking Scribbler. Don't Do It! (From the same guy, this link to a pattern display of Walmart openings...intriguing lack thereof in the WY area...did I ever tell you the Walmart game? Try to find something that does NOT say Made In China on it.)

Then - hell, I have no idea how I got there but there was this.

Makes the dog seem relatively - er - tame in comparison.

So, Trooper will be home JUST in time for V-day. I received my lovely gift this evening. He covered all the bases with fleurs, teddy bear and chocolate in one package! He is a romantic GENIUS! [Insert bom-chica-bom-bom music.]

Seriously, though...I'll be glad to be off-duty, so to speak. I tend to sleep hard and I always worry I won't hear a door or window open...but then, there IS the dog for that.

And now, the Doodle declares it time for 2nd dinner. She is the barker for this carnival of cats...or the harbinger of doom. Whichever.

Uh, Yeah...

So how many people think Nancy Pelosi's documentary-making daughter would give the Right a fair shake in a movie she made?


Well, I'm thinking this won't be tivo'd. So, of course you know where she went to get the educated and articulate views and opinions of the Right:
"Pelosi visited 28 states and spoke about the fight for the soul of the country
with mostly conservative Americans, who feel underrepresented by the mainstream
media. From the Pulpit Freedom Day in Bethlehem, Ga. to the
NASCAR circuit
, RIGHT AMERICA: FEELING WRONGED - SOME VOICES FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL shows a country at war with itself over the religious and
cultural identities that define America." [Emphasis my own.]

There is nothing I can do but shake my head and wonder at the absurdity of it all. That and consider why I'm paying for HBO every month. I'd rather spend it on skinamax. At least I'd get some level of enjoyment from it.

If any of you manage to stomach a viewing, do blog about it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Carrickfergus & Other Laments took me time to find this reference and I wish dearly that I could link the version I know best (a snippet can be had here). Sadly, it's nowhere to be found. Much like the CD which I once owned but has been missing a rather long while, now.

It would seem the thing comes only as an LP...but I would have sworn I had it on CD.

Well, there is this - they mean to put a highway through - well, perhaps far too near Tara. Fools to disturb that lot. And just when Ireland was experiencing a resurgence in its economy...would you bring about that curse for the sake of a road?

You might enjoy a brief visit here, look for the Audio/Video link and play the samples. (They aren't all in Gaelic and there are good tales told...) Look at the bonfires and think on it - how many centuries they've been lit. Go and look at the photo link - I like #15 very much - and see what has been. What do you think she would have said about someone carving up a bit of Tara for a road.

I think she might even have spit on the hearth.

And that is it for me tonight. Our visit over, time for bed and dreams of lost ages.

Damn You to Hell, Ebay!

Okay, maybe a little bit strident you think that allowing sniper apps is a fair use of your service? Do you know what I lost? Oh, it was a trifling thing to some, assuredly, but it would have rounded out my china pattern at a very middling cost - which was the only reason I was buying china vs. fucking AMMO.

Och, I'm just so angry. And yes, angry at YOU, fancy pants little 5***M with your little sniper doing your dirty work. I hope they're all broken into pieces!!


Maybe not that. But may the first 10 uses produce a terrible taste! There - a fair curse without as much possible backlash. Still, I DO hope you live in an earthquake zone. Let fate take on my vengeance.

Still...damn it all...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get A Hanky

You have one, right? Right? Sheesh...alright, make it a Kleenex but be prepared. Brief but touching and perhaps a bit of what I needed just now...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alive...and Taking the First Watch

Well, praise be and pass the ammunition - the hard drive was fine, the case and innards were kaput.

I was looking over my Amazon list, having FINALLY gotten my Christmas Corporate Reacharound certificate applied (did they need that money to launch the new K1ndle, maybe?) I found a reference to this - simply put, you will NOT be sorry to buy the CD and listen to it completely over and over.

Neil Finn - Try Whistling This (title track)

Oh, I used to listen to that CD all the time! I'd forgotten about it, really...but will be taking it on the road with me from now on.

It's been quiet here...Trooper is "on assignment" and often unavailable. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to cook for one, to spend time on the net, to just...entertain myself. It's been interesting, really...but a bit sad, too. Also, I have to wear the gun all the time. Yay and sheesh, all at once.

Ranger is very unhappy. He smells Trooper's shoes, looks for him around the house...last night, he was frenetic, playing rough and crazed outside and suddenly just ran in wide circles as fast as he could. I knew it as a sign of upset...his brain trying to figure out the Wrongness and shoving Action at him to see if it helped. I guess it did - he slept after...

I woke at 4:30a and was unable to get back to sleep. I drifted in thought a bit but surrendered and loaded the washing machine, instead. It's early yet but I could easily take a book to bed. But then I might miss his call...

It's Dead, Jim

YAY! I just took on a major VIP duty at the office and worked long into the night on it. Only to have my laptop crash when I went to get something to eat. Mmm hmm. Marvy.

So, in light of that, this graphic stolen soundly from here.
Add in a 4:30a wakeup call as the dog snuck upstairs his discontent at Trooper's absence. And then knowing I have to daycare his ass for two days which means driving hither and yon...
Well, anyway, it's a craptastic morning. Say a prayer for the hard drive. And, while NSFW, a little something for the guys - heck, you gals, too. (I hope it plays for ya - I've no idea...)

Friday, February 06, 2009

'god Speaks*

Whereas Brigid makes us turn soft and sentimental, V-man is like a pimp, slapping us around a little and then giving us a gentle grope to turn us gentle again.

But no one can say he's wrong. "The Devil always exacts his due, you fucking twats."

He continues the thought here. "It all has the taint of strange bedfellows to it, however the reality is much starker: this foul union was never a marriage of equals. The corporations were never equals to those who could ultimately legislate or regulate or tax or strong arm them out of existence. They were the bully's henchman, an infinitely better place to be than the victimized, but second fiddle, and fumbling for the sheet music."

That man has a way with language that amazes me...can you imagine his stump speech? Of course, he might be standing on the stump of a naked, drunk midget paraplegic...some things can get confused when the Jake Leg kicks in.

Still, he puts it starkly. We are, sincerely, in that same position as we were in 1775. I wonder what we will do - and when.

*No offense intended to those of faith. A nod merely to his Other Title.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Breath, Taking Mine

I heard this on the way home today. Instant mental movies, of course.

And that crooked smile.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

V-Day D-Day

Ah, yes - the day when some men attempt to decide on a woman's size by equating her "assets" to a known quantity - like baseballs, maybe. Or softballs. Perhaps golf balls?

Perhaps it's easier to just go with chocolate. (And if you do please make it something worth the eating.) Some go with the no-fail jewelry option. Always pleasant, certainly.

Me? I want that rig over there. I know, I know. It's completely silly and useless outside the house. Unless the frou-frou bows detach. I also ache to own this little number.

Just look at her...all that's darling, isn't it? Go ahead, click the link and check out the matching unders. I'll wait.

See?! I tell you - even in an apocalypse, I'd want these. I mean, what else might one look forward to but clean underwear? It might as well be pretty, too.

Of course, I've always been a fan of their things. Back in the day, they were the only ones who offered the larger sizes in something that said "sexy" instead of "matronly". Mind you, they aren't for the frugal. I hate to think of what I used to spend on foundation wear...

And what of us women-folk? What ought we to get for those men we adore? Trooper will be...mmm...on special assignment, returning that night, so it'll be a nice dinner at home, maybe with a special dessert. I know what he'd LOVE...and I know where I'll probably look. And, of course, I know where we ought to be putting our spare change.

But I have to tell you - none of those things are going to be as nice as just having him back home that night, safe and sound. The greatest gift of all, no?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh, Really?

And I suppose people would just go...willingly...?

Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, D-Fla., has introduced to the House of Representatives a new bill, H.R. 645, calling for the secretary of homeland security to establish no fewer than six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations.

Yeah, well...I'll takes me chances in the wild, kthx.

It is a very, very dangerous time we're living in.