Saturday, February 28, 2009

Better Words Than Mine

I can tell you where you find them. Here. Hell, the quality of the comments is almost as good. Witness dear Joan..."Meanwhile, while Atlas is shrugging, Mars has a unwilling hand on the sword hilt, refusing to recognize the Commander in Chief."

Mars, indeed.

They'll be home again, soon, and we shall see which way that trained wind blows. Of course, not only the good guys signed up. A generous few came from certain elements that will take that training home, making their usual urban warfare of my youth something to be looked on wistfully.

Still, so many boots...and I think they'll march in the right direction.


Velociman said...

Oh, you make me blush. And it is funny that Joanie and I bring out the best comments in each other. She a crazy girl, like you.

LauraB said...

You haven't blushed since you were 8 years old. Of that I am quite certain.

And if you deign to compare me to the incomparable Joanie? I shall blush.