Thursday, February 12, 2009

Carrickfergus & Other Laments took me time to find this reference and I wish dearly that I could link the version I know best (a snippet can be had here). Sadly, it's nowhere to be found. Much like the CD which I once owned but has been missing a rather long while, now.

It would seem the thing comes only as an LP...but I would have sworn I had it on CD.

Well, there is this - they mean to put a highway through - well, perhaps far too near Tara. Fools to disturb that lot. And just when Ireland was experiencing a resurgence in its economy...would you bring about that curse for the sake of a road?

You might enjoy a brief visit here, look for the Audio/Video link and play the samples. (They aren't all in Gaelic and there are good tales told...) Look at the bonfires and think on it - how many centuries they've been lit. Go and look at the photo link - I like #15 very much - and see what has been. What do you think she would have said about someone carving up a bit of Tara for a road.

I think she might even have spit on the hearth.

And that is it for me tonight. Our visit over, time for bed and dreams of lost ages.

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