Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damn You to Hell, Ebay!

Okay, maybe a little bit strident you think that allowing sniper apps is a fair use of your service? Do you know what I lost? Oh, it was a trifling thing to some, assuredly, but it would have rounded out my china pattern at a very middling cost - which was the only reason I was buying china vs. fucking AMMO.

Och, I'm just so angry. And yes, angry at YOU, fancy pants little 5***M with your little sniper doing your dirty work. I hope they're all broken into pieces!!


Maybe not that. But may the first 10 uses produce a terrible taste! There - a fair curse without as much possible backlash. Still, I DO hope you live in an earthquake zone. Let fate take on my vengeance.

Still...damn it all...

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