Friday, February 06, 2009

'god Speaks*

Whereas Brigid makes us turn soft and sentimental, V-man is like a pimp, slapping us around a little and then giving us a gentle grope to turn us gentle again.

But no one can say he's wrong. "The Devil always exacts his due, you fucking twats."

He continues the thought here. "It all has the taint of strange bedfellows to it, however the reality is much starker: this foul union was never a marriage of equals. The corporations were never equals to those who could ultimately legislate or regulate or tax or strong arm them out of existence. They were the bully's henchman, an infinitely better place to be than the victimized, but second fiddle, and fumbling for the sheet music."

That man has a way with language that amazes me...can you imagine his stump speech? Of course, he might be standing on the stump of a naked, drunk midget paraplegic...some things can get confused when the Jake Leg kicks in.

Still, he puts it starkly. We are, sincerely, in that same position as we were in 1775. I wonder what we will do - and when.

*No offense intended to those of faith. A nod merely to his Other Title.


Sam said...

Yeap...he knocked the back of it again. You ought to stay up with him until the birds are chirping. Makes for a long, but good, day. He can put pen to parer, ya think.

"I wonder what we will do - and when." is the question.

LauraB said...

He is our own genius - or so I like to think. I hate to consider him belonging to more, to tho it would lessen his value. Or truth...