Friday, February 20, 2009

Links of the Damned

Billy was workin' it lately after his time in Japan...forgive me as I pick the bones there. Some of you may not make it and you ought to see these.

I really enjoyed this one as I am in the midst of figuring out what to do about my own 401k holdings. I want to get what I can before they are taken away to pay for whatever unicorn candyapple POS comes next. Can I turn that account into gold, cash, anything? As the author states, nope.

And here, another:
"...we haven't yet seen how finance will become politicians' ultimate weapon to stifle dissent and ensure obedience."

An interesting turn of events here - damned sad, Okkies. And what shame for any Guardsman who sees this for what it is. At least LEARN from it...perhaps there is that...

Lastly? This...which chills and makes clear the Possible - hell, I'm a pessimist/stoic - the Likely.

I think tonight I'll pretend I know no better, watch inane programs, sweet movies, and imagine it all away. Just a few hours.

But I do keep looking at things around me, the accoutrements of my life, the haphazard still long will they be mine? How much of it will I leave behind if forced? What will I find necessary to serve me if I leave?

I wasn't really certain that we were across that line yet. I'm starting to think that maybe...well, maybe we are.


D.W. said...

There was so little left in my 401K that I just cashed out. We're going to use that to pay off debt, and invest a little in lead (if I can find any, that is...).

I figure that I'm still young enough that I'll be able to put away enough for retirement when (if?) the economy recovers.

BTW, that article about the guardsmen is utterly chilling.

Joan of Argghh! said...

My money's still in the 401k, but in a holding pattern of cash, no stocks or investments. I hate to think that after losing 40%, I'd lose another 10% plus taxes for early withdrawal.

But maybe something is better than nada.

LauraB said...

Let us not forget they've already put forth the drafted legislation to free us all of our burdensome 401k's...I won't wait until they do.

While I may not be old enough to regain the meager funds there, it could be enough to get a place that I could hold against the coming storm. A roof over the head is worth a great deal. If one can keep it...