Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boots On The Ground

I know that there are a great many bloggers who rant about Nat'l Guard performing security duties, about dirty LEOs, and wonder what might happen if the time comes to Decide.

Here, it is laid bare.

I can't change anyones mind - I can't offer any proof at all. All I know is from those I've met and maybe I've been damned lucky. But I haven't met anyone in the military or law enforcement who would trash their oath. Not for what stands there, now, in that office.

I can't promise you a damned thing. But you'd be fools to think they'll all follow the party line. You'd also be a fool to think they haven't planned for them and theirs. And, when it all goes to hell, you'd better bet they aren't going to be able to save your ass FOR YOU. If you haven't taken care of matters yourself, no one is going to have spare ammo, food or time to help you.

So, take care of your own, plan, prepare, and be ready. They won't get in your way and may just watch your six. If they can.

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