Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go-bag Coffee!

My name is Laura and I have a drinking problem.

It's name is Coffee.

Seriously, we are MAJOR coffee fiends in this house and we buy the good stuff. But I've always feared the impact when the SHTF on my habit. After all, even the most basic coffee press or espresso pot is hard to pack. And then, I found this stuff.

Starbuck's VIA

No, I am not a fan of their over-roasted and too-hotly brewed cups, generally. However, for an instant cuppa? DAMNED FINE. So yes - a couple dozen packages will be on order and stashed away. Small, very light, and very little waste packaging? Like Baby Bear's porridge, it's just right.


Brigid said...

I quit coffee cold turkey after a gallstone, (a type that runs in the family, not diet related the doc said). I don't drink a LOT, perhaps 3 cups a day, but honestly, I didn't feel any better at all, didn't sleep better or anything else.

So I am happily back in the saddle.

LauraB said...

Ride on, m'dear! LOL Of an 8 cup pot (what, are they using thimbles to measure?!) Trooper and I get half each.

BTW, I ADORE your new little icon. JEALOUS, too. It's so perfect!!

I'm telling ya - that Via stuff is a part of every kit I have, now.