Friday, March 27, 2009

Snickering In The Dark

I'll be honest here - I argue with Trooper now and again on the topic. I suspect he sees the logic in stark unhampered capitalism but he was raised with so many of the boogeyman words that he sometimes cannot see beyond's difficult, yes.

But when someone puts it this way, my battle is fought for me in many ways. Follow the link there.

Wealth envy is a disgusting habit ingrained in far too many people. Trust me - I could have been one of them. I came from a family that had nothing, worked hard all their lives to wind up with nothing, and who will never leave a thing for anyone when they go. And it's okay with me. Decisions made, repercussions lived with.

But never - even when eating dry corn flakes for a week - never once did I think, "damn that SOB! He has TOO MUCH MONEY!" Jesu, no! It's HIS! All of it! To do with precisely what he likes. Burn it, wave it under the nose of homeless people, wipe his ass with it or donate it to the worst of the radicals. I suspect this is because I came to a very early understanding that whatever I DID have was MINE and I was not about to let someone else have it.

Now, that brings us right back to taxes. I've played their game all my life in an attempt to keep my life out of their nasty grasping hands. But this disgusting pit that they're digging - that they want to pitch me into so that I can dig, too? Oh, ho - it gives one pause, it does.

I truly think it is time to cash out that 401k and use it profitably. Land. And whatever else will hold us against this coming wreck. I hardly think I'll live till retirement unless I do...


Walrilla said...

I've been... less than flush, let's say, in my past, and I've often seen some one and thought "I wish I had as much money as he's got!", but, NEVER, NEVER, did I wish I had HIS money. I want to have money I earned, not something given to me through class envy.

LauraB said...

Indeed - I have desired a life-style before but never their means of having it...

But I am glad to have known hardship - I think it teaches you that hard times are surmountable.