Monday, April 13, 2009

A Gentle Reminder

Never Forget - it was a thing I promised myself when first I learned of the man. And so, here we are...another April 14th...

Fabrizio Quattrocchi, Italian Hero, May 9, 1968-April 14, 2004


D.W. said...

You are not alone in your admiration of this man. Shockingly, the media largely ignored this story...okay, not very shocking. However, I rank Mr. Quattrocchi right up there with Todd Beamer in the pantheon of heroes of World War IV.

I promise to raise a toast to his honor this evening. And thank you for reminding us!

LauraB said...

You are quite welcome. I think tonight I'll make some puttanesca and toss back a drink.

Indeed, his name is not noted by many, often. Perhaps his own hometown. Which I ought to look up, frankly.