Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Take, Take, Take

"So, I think I´ll join my comrades,and talk a little treason."

Billy sets it out better than my own mind can run it...and it reminds me of a chat with my own mother.

I'd told her, snarkily, to enjoy the benefit of my SocSec dollars as I never would be allowed to do so. Oh, she fussed about that - of how she'd worked all her life, etc. No matter that she'd already spent thrice what she'd put in within months. No, no matter that. Sigh...

But I like to think that my own "giving" has helped to cover what she took from any of you.

Does it help to know I shall never take a dime if it comes my turn? Och, it's hardly likely that should come about, anyway, with things going as they are. Like as not we'll be fed to the machine, so to speak, in a cost savings plan.

Of course, one wonders why the man's father has to resort to public funds with a son as successful as he seems to be... Frankly, were it me, I'd be mortified to acknowledge it. Alas, he is fucking proud of the fact.

But doesn't look like he's ever held a real job in his entire life. It explains rather a lot.

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