Thursday, April 09, 2009


Had you seen the link at Billy's? No? Well, herein a snippet from his called-out Chapter 3 of the UN's Small Arms and Light Weapons Legislation:

Ammunition controls are an integral part of comprehensive control measures and play an important role in reducing the misuse of small arms. A valid firearms license should be shown every time ammunition is purchased, and the dealer should keep a record of the quantity and the purchaser.

A maximum limit can be placed on the amount of ammunition that can be purchased in a month,
as well as a limit to the amount of ammunition that can be stored. These limits could be different
for each category of firearm license. It should be clear that ammunition for proscribed SALW use
should also be prohibited for civilian purchase.

I don't know that there is much that can be done, now. No amount of protests, articles, debates or even complaints will change a damned thing. Rather, it is just time to check out. Remove oneself from the entire affair and plan accordingly. Have what you need, and a way to keep it.

I used to wonder how nations allowed themselves to be corrupted so easily. And I see now that it can be done in a matter of months. Oh, sure - it took rather a long while, a few decades, to dumb down the population enough to prevent critical thinking. But what they learned not long after was that such things were no longer necessary - the long con isn't a tool they need in their arsenal.

Rather, just get the right people in the right jobs and pull the switch. Done. And here we, I'll be with others this weekend, canning up provisions to hold against the inevitable. What can you do, after all, but that? Stay informed, be ready. All else is...history in the making.

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