Friday, April 17, 2009


Oh, I did like this!

"I wrote about luck and choices, but I guess I didn't take it far enough. Regardless of what happens to me, my value system is what it is. I resent the idea that if I become poor I will become a Democrat or change the way I understand economics. I resent the idea that if my mother becomes gravely ill I will support nationalized health care. I resent the idea that if life gets hard, I will change my mind and look to government for help."

I'm a fiscal idiot - and I mean that. I've no idea how money works in its arcane hierarchy. But - as she noted - having been poor, I am quite clear that more of it comes from working harder. Even I can see that a company is never going to lose money if it can pass the expense to you as a consumer or by lower operating costs to cover it. And that last part? It usually contracts down to "firing someone".

I've no idea how the general populace has become so stunted that common sense isn't even possible. But I do know this -when that teat dries up, it's you they'll blame. You - the one that worked hard, saved, didn't make stupid decisions...yeah, it won't be enough that you've tried to avoid debt. It won't be enough until you've paid theirs, too.

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