Saturday, May 23, 2009

Living Life

It feels as though I haven't had time to even think lately. No surfing this week. Work, watching a dog who seems a bit unwell off and on, and trying to care for a garden, yard, and home has simply removed all spare time from me. This was the first day I had time to sit and look but...I ran in to something.

You know, I've been doing pretty well on the exercise front - running a bit, getting it done 3 x wk. And it's showing improvement. But if one needs any sort of reminder to quitcherbitchin'...

Sigh...well, there you are. It's a completely polite reminder to me to STFU. To get on with it, already.

I'm just glad to be away from the office. If another person asked me what our plans were for the holiday I was going to smack them. There are no holidays. They are each and all required work days. And it damned well pisses me off when they remind me.
A large dose of hate is directed at the BMW driver from Houston who thought that blowing by Trooper's car when he's walking between vehicles was acceptable. No, he didn't stop you because of your car type. He stopped you because there's a whole fucking wall of photos at the academy of dead men because they were hit in the roadway. There is a law that asks you, if you don't mind, to pass them at a slow speed or just get the fuck over into the left lane and continue on. That's all. I'll tell you what - anyone fucks him up like that? There will be a reckoning. It may take me a few years. But there will be a reckoning. God, I hope he protests that ticket. Because the judge just LOVES playing video in court. "Is that your vehicle?" BAM! Case closed, pay at the window.

There is more on my mind of late but it's not the best place to vent...a disappointment and confirmation about others on the squad has me soured on the whole thing...there is a reason I keep to myself. I've been saying for some time that there is something...different.

Och, it doesn't really matter. I've enough to worry about without getting all girly and whiny about life. But it stings just a bit. Gives me that internal "I told you so". That bitch just cannot help herself, always sitting there, patient as Death. Yes, beckons. Move on.

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Carteach0 said...

For emergency vehicles and Law on the road, I move over, slow down, and observe as close I can. Because it's the right thing to do.

Can't speak to the other stuff really.... just that I too keep plugging along some days, despite or in spite of what goes on. Most days I am VERY happy that my program area is three long halls and two long ramps away from the admin offices.
I can't be any farther from the main office without being outside the building, although some days that seems like a fine idea.