Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had heard only a bit about the Correspondents' Dinner. I was just now reviewing the "comedy" spectacle of Wanda Sykes' speech. Frankly, I couldn't even listen to the entire thing. It was...crippled, racist, cruel, and not terribly damned funny, really.

I LOVE good humor. A witty quip will always please me no matter whose ox is getting gored. But it wasn't really...comedic. It was just...sad, really. This is it? All that supposed struggle and pain so that you can giggle at that sort of dialogue?

I tell you - it reminds me of nothing so much as high school with its cliques and laughing behind backs. Yes, and even the random beat down behind the school. Frighteningly immature. Bafflingly insecure. And with that dire need for approval - which explains surrounding themselves with media personalities. They understand the game quite well, after all.

I didn't think I could be more concerned for this country.

I was wrong.


Sam said...

Fact is...the Left is a racist clique.

LauraB said...

Far more so than any of them would ever admit...