Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nothing For It, Now

I'm not sure what to say in light of this...

"What a federal agent did during a testing procedure to result in "automatic" fire from an AR-15 has no bearing on the case of a man convicted of transferring a "machinegun" after he loaned to a prospective buyer the gun he considered a semi-automatic rifle, according to a ruling from a panel of appellate judges."

The article makes an apt if frightening change to Miranda:

You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Not
that it will do you any good. Do you understand?

Anything you do say, or we say you say if we have more witnesses than you,
will be used against you in a court of law, if we think we can get away with it. Do you understand?

You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney
present during questioning now or in the future. You will not have a chance to
challenge our lack of standards or scientific method in our lab results and your
expert witness will not be allowed to witness anything if we can help it. Do you

Indeed, it is all...a charade. What is going on in the background there I'm not sure but it is most assuredly NOT justice. Nor is it clean. It stinks, frankly, of gov't reach-arounds. Mind you, I don't think it makes one whit of difference what you want to shoot. The 2nd does not offer any limitations on that freedom.

But then...I've always said that it was a tricky thing, that Constitution. By delineating rights, it removes them from you. Limits them. Binds them up with language that an enemy of your freedom, as above, can edit to suit their needs.

Evidence matters not at all. Testimony...facts...none of it matters, now. But you knew that day was coming, didn't you? So many shots over the bow before this - perhaps it has your attention now. And what can you do?

Well, make your own plans, of course, but perhaps you might spare the price of a few lattes for a man's family while he feels that yoke, intimately. There but for the grace of...


Ed Rasimus said...

Scary stuff for AR owners across the land...and a host of other decrepit guns that might malfunction or could be modded in the confines of a dark government lab!

Bottom line and mis-understood by many is that the Constitution (and most all constitutions) defines the limits of government--it specifies what government CAN do. Those are the enumerated powers.

The Bill of Rights was demanded by the citizens of the time as a specific list of things the government CAN NOT do. The distinction is critical.

Unfortunately the Tenth Amendment that clearly spells out the intent of that group of amendments has been totally abandoned.

And, the current administration, more than any previously, likes it that way.

LauraB said...

Indeed, I pondered applying the Bill of Rights to the statement, it being proper terrain but...

It is the Constitution that so many stand upon - and it is a shakey structure, not as suitable a foundation for Rights as I'd like...

Still, your remark is quite right, of course.

I tell you - I am chilled lately with it all. Utterly chilled.