Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"You only get one free Waco"

There may be hazard in invoking those very words...hazards to me and mine, retributions, and analyses...but there comes a point when one must - if not come to the fore - at least support from the rear.

Thus, read on.

I've seen a very naked underbelly years ago in a stack of documents...names named, secrets told. Whispered names on a phone line at 1am that caused me to halt a conversation cold.

What you see and hear in public is nothing. It is the merest silk veil that they expect you to tear asunder. And you think that when you smell the murky depths that you've reached bottom. I assure you that it, too, is nothing. Again, it is expected that you'll find it - well, a few of you, anyway.

Beyond all that? Dragons, yes. Hungry beasts with unbelievable power. One really ought to fear them...

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Sam said...

I would believe that to be free Waco