Friday, June 05, 2009

Keep That City Life

I was talking with Trooper last night and the subject of the traffic in the old homestead came up. He spoke of holiday time on Barrett when he could see the wreck he was working and the next four wrecks a few hundred feet down the road. In the rain. In about 40 degree weather. On the motor.

And the five lane - look.
Nowhere near us do such things exist. That is right near where I once worked. I got on that monstrosity every day - twice! I cannot even imagine how I did it.

It was common to roll at 5-10 mph for about 20 miles, over an hour to get home when it was actually only about a 15 minute drive. We miss it not at all.

Instead, he's off to scoot some cows off a roadway. Talk about a traffic jam...

Yeah, we'll keep what we've got, I think.


Sam said...

I know what you mean...I did some time in Atlanta...sucked. I-285, I-85, I-75...they called it the Watermelon 500. I knew some folks who had a total 4 (there and back twice) hour commute every day...crazy, I say.

Chicago sucks too.

LauraB said...

Yep - I had an altered schedule but even at 6a and 6p the traffic was horrendous.