Sunday, June 28, 2009

That Light In The Tunnel...'s a train.

"The fact is that if the socialist initiative were stopped in its tracks this very day, we would still face a government that is impossible to bear over the long run. It's that destructive, already."

That succinctly puts the way I've been feeling lately. None of the t-shirts, calls to reps, tea bags or talk shows will mend this. It won't halt it, it won't reverse it and it sure as hell won't make it go away.

Instead, like my pessimistic self, I plan for the worst. I figure it's better than doing nothing and bitching about it. On the up side, I will at least not "...go gentle into that good night." I do hope all my friends are doing likewise...

And be sure to have your print-version of freedom - it won't be long before all the helpful words aren't allowed. Gather the knowledge while you can. A manual, you might say, for your life after.

It's funny - it makes me grimace, sometimes, to think about my lifetime and what I have known. And to imagine it all gone to useless dust because I'm too damned old to hump my ass on a front line. I'll do my best, certainly, but truth is I'm a bit long in the tooth to make it very long in a real battle. Still, there is something to be said for the sagacity of age.

What the hell - you never know. You just never know what life will hand you.

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