Saturday, July 18, 2009

Best Drag Race in History

Well, maybe not the best race but certainly the most amusing. For dear Ed...


His post the other day about crew chiefs...well, it made me smile but through tears. Again, that echo of dreams left on the ground behind me...What I ought to have done and been if I'd had even the smallest bit of determination.

I watched and imagined having the terrific honor of feeling that rumbling and hot exhaust each day. Could one ever become bored by it? And to fly? To actually smell the beast and feel it move and move you?

I miss living near a base as we did in Georgia. So often the distinct sound would come overhead and it'd be too late, one knew, to leave the sofa to look outside. But if I was in that yard? Oh, my head would snap to - my eyes searching for that glimpse of regrets on the wing.

It's amazing...what man can do when left alone to just get it done.

No matter what anyone says - THIS is and always shall be the most badass beast that flew.

Thank you, Skunkworks.

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