Sunday, July 12, 2009

C'mon! Seriously.

Now, look. I know I haven't visited this site , Cowtown Cop, recently. I try - really, I do - to stay on top of everything but...was it really necessary to send me here?! They ferment their own carrots, people! Can you imagine?! They make their own amazing boar snausages.

And sure - thanks, really, to link me on to Sunset and their amazing list of favorite backyard projects. One of each, please! Oh, and I am making that salad box, my friends. Watch and see if I don't.

Really, I don't have time to pickle carrots. So you guys just cut this crap out. I mean it.

(I wonder if that brine is reactive...where's my ceramic pot?) Hmm? Eh, wot? Move on! Nothing to see here, people.

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