Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Krafty Krauts

(Being part Teutonic myself, I feel safe in using the term...)

What came to mind at the first frame? Nuh UH!

At the end - a bit of a Navy landing (snark) but amusing how he brings it to him like an obedient dog.

Damn it. Suhweet...


Ed Rasimus said...

That is incredible at a lot of levels. First, acknowledge that the real airplane was optimized for very high altitude/high speed operation. That doesn't translate to an airframe shape that works well at model aircraft speeds. Then note that the shape lends to incredible instability and lots of computer/gyro stuff going on in flight--not amenable to model aircraft control and equipment. Third, note that the configuration and fuel requirement cause lots of transfer and weight/balance issues--not easy to deal with by R/C in a model. Finally, unless you are incredibly wealthy, the design, construction, maintenance and operation of that little toy would equal the annual national budget of Lichtenstein or a night in New York for Messiah and Michelle.

LauraB said...

I agree in all. One saw the very smallest of refusals at the launch as that wide ass torqued just the smallest bit.

It was an amazing thing to see - someone taking their dream to flight and not giving a damn about the cost of it. Because as you say it had to be a very, very expensive toy.

Good on them.

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D.W. said...

As amazing as this SR-71 was, have you seen the video of the C-17? It's of a similar scale, i.e. huge, and very impressive to watch in flight. The video is available on YouTube.

The folks who build these things give me hope that there are still a few big dreamers (like me) out there.

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