Friday, July 24, 2009

The Only Ones Pt 237,643

If you don't think every single organization, force, and governmental agency is infiltrated, you are lying to yourself and you are a danger to others.


When Trooper was at the border there was a local LEO doing a kind of snipe hunt routine, pulling people off the scent just long enough for whomever to move whatever through. The entire thing was laughable.

And whilst I don't really give a personal damn about drugs coming/going, the thought of something far more hazardous moving through with such ease gives me severe willies.

"In 1996, the late Alexander Lebed, Russia's former chief of national security, asserted that Russia may have ''lost'' up to 100 one-kiloton ''suitcase-sized'' bombs, which he called ''ideal weapons to conduct nuclear terrorism.'' "

You see, is a few years prior to this time that I learned of other goings on at the border. And it was then I knew - there was nothing and no one that could prevent a damned thing. Hold your own - that's all you can do.


D.W. said...

Hold your own...

...and stay away from large cities if possible.

LauraB said...

2-3 tanks worth, you betcha.