Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheeks Update

I am sure the word is getting out but I've rec'd this communication:

Wesley Cheeks is NOT a Fairfax County police officer, he is a security officer employed by the Fairfax County Public Schools. You may go to to contact the School's Department of Communicationand Community Outreach concerning this matter. They may also be reached by phone at 571-423-1200.

FYI and pass it along as necessary when you see the vid mentioned.


Ed Rasimus said...

That seemed highly likely. In actual practice, most sworn LEOs are better prepared to handle that sort of confrontation. Yet, he did achieve his 15 minutes of Warholian fame.

D.W. said...

This tool Cheeks will undoubtedly be one of the first to sign up for Barry's upcoming BarryCorps (aka brownshirts). You know, that "civilian national security force" that will be "as well funded as the military". After that comes about I feel pretty sure that his story won't have a happy ending. Nuff said.

wv: upgasm
I don't know what it is, but it sounds fun :-)

Billy Beck said...

"That seemed highly likely. In actual practice, most sworn LEOs are better prepared to handle that sort of confrontation."

I could not be sold on that bet at fifteen to one, Ed.

Ed Rasimus said...

I don't disagree with your reluctance to buy my premise, Mr. Beck. Much depends upon where you are and what level of LE you are dealing with. I wouldn't touch it in NY, MA, PA, DC, MI, IL and a number of other regions. Where I've fortunately spent most of my adult life, in red states and fly-over country, the level of training and quality of personnel is a lot higher. Of course if you meet Buford in Hicksville LA, or Widespot TX, your experience my vary.

Your rent-a-cop is almost uniformly a buffoon. If he is a gun-carrying rent-a-cop, he is to be given wide berth.

BTW, ever meet a TX Ranger?

Billy Beck said...

"BTW, ever meet a TX Ranger?"

Only vicariously.

It's very difficult to me to attend the ideal in the whole context of American politics, now. It's not an extremely pressing point of disaster triage to me at the moment.