Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Catching Up

It is no secret, really, that I've nearly no formal education. I had other...interests. And by that time Mom was pretty much worn out on the whole parenting thing. Oh, I was very well-read, entranced by Jacque Brel's music, loved the Chicago Symphony field trips and all that but...well...I am in many other things utterly ignorant.

Then today I saw this. I think I'll go ahead and drop the cash on it. Sure, one could get a history book from about 1955 and learn much the same but, like the gym, if one spends money on a thing it is given a bit more priority in life.

I need to catch-up, really, on this whole education thing. As a matter of fact, I've considered asking our friend's homeschooling wife about the math thing. [Insert old time scary movie organ tune here.] I hate math. HATE IT. As in avoid it at all costs. I am a math moron. I can manage to do a 20% tip but heaven help me if the SOP changes to, say 23%.

But there's no reason to remain stupid, is there? I mean, it's my choice. I've the ability. I just need to find the will. But I'll tell you this: I refuse to diagram a single sentence. Not gonna do it.

(Do you think this means I can get a Trapper Keeper with David Cassidy on the cover?!)


Joan of Argghh! said...

I should think that MIT was more your gig.

Billy Beck said...

You can see clearly and straight through a thousand years in the light of history, Laura.

Imagine that.

It's curious: all my life, I've watched people around me reading stuff like "The Hobbit" or whatnot, and thought, "If they only knew the fantastic that really happened..." I could never understand the effort devoted to that sort of thing when real history is so much more rich than anything anyone can imagine.

LauraB said...

Ha! Joan, I've actually listened to a few lectures from them awhile back.

Billy? You write a better comment than the item that generated it. LOL But you are quite correct. "For it is the doom of men that they forget..."