Friday, September 18, 2009

Herding Cats

Och, lately has been hellishly busy. A lot of changes in the C Suite which means a lot of work for us peons. I've not been able to blog-trek much and I've very little meaningful to say. However, perhaps a few items...
  • Ed has just been superb of reason to point out just one post. Add him, read him. Nuff said.

  • These folks make concealed carry items and - heh - there's a sale! Enter FALL09 to get a discount on your order. I know the argument can be made that they are a bit obvious to the knowledgable eye. Hell, I call that deterence.

  • A couple of gals that have given me giggles this week when I was in dire need...

  • Another Laura - not only do I want to "marry her and have her children©", she even has fabulously hilarious linkages on the margins. Damn it, she's good. And her list? #'s 15-18 are a complete resounding yes. (No worries - I like some kids - probably your kids if you are reading this because you aren't the type to raise bi-pedal vermin. Are you?)

  • I found her here. A post there had me grimacing and giving it the pointed finger of YES!

  • Trooper got to visit LaRue recently - what an amazing group of people there. The owner is one of those "give them the tools and let them do their job" kinds of bosses. He took a few minutes of his day to speak with him, and ensured he had the grand tour. DO get the screensaver - it rocks! (And pisses off any anti-gun coworkers. Bonus!)

Also...Trooper is selling the motor today - a moment of sadness followed by a lot of pleasure at sweet cash in an economic lull. There was actually a bidding war and we think the guy will enjoy it in this lovely riding weather. I'll miss that damned thing, though. Just time to let it go - he doesn't ride it and it needs to be riden. It was made to go and damned fast, too.
The kitty hat made its debut and the owner was thrilled. A devil hat of my own shall soon be put on needles. It was just too easy to make, really. How can I not?
At any rate, it's a busy time and I wish I had more for reading, commenting, etc. I miss the bloggy world...but I likes me paycheck, too.
Don't forget - tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day, ye smelly pirate hookers!


Brigid said...

arghhh. Will be offering up some pirate speak tomorrow. But I'm going to the Irish fest with a gal friend. That ought to be interesting. :-)

LauraB said...

Och, it should be a fine soft evenin' for it! LOL

I hope you had a great time!!

Heh - it's after midnight.
(channeling a Scottish Pirate)

dogette said...

I totally bagged TLAP Day. Just couldn't get into it. Ironically.

LauraB said...

Greetings Dogette! Lurve your site, writing - glad to have you here. (Must roll ya...)