Monday, December 14, 2009

Got It Done

It's all over but - well, not the crying. I did that a week ago. No, aside from the submittal of the package to DPS, my CHL processes are done. The class was long (as it is supposed to be) and the range was rather far (something of a Fail in my personal opinion but it's their class to run however they desire), but it was as every one of my fav guys were saying.

I was the best prepared and trained person in that class. (I shot this - loaned by a dear friend.)

Yeah, I know. Damned frightening to be honest with y'all. Of a row of about 5 people NONE knew (or at least practiced) indexing during the range test. The class boss and RO had to tell them no less than 3 times to stop it or go to the back of the class.

My only issues? Forgot the Safety step on the first shot (and I'd had issues with that during my test run the day before - "Go equals Safety Off!") and then, in the 5 rapid fire I limp wristed shot #2 and it was a flier. Otherwise? A 245 out of 250. And just before the last series my friend (an RO that day) stepped close and whispered "you already passed". I grinned like a moron.

There were a few things I would have done differently if I were them but the overall experience was good - very professional, very organized, very adult - as in they did not speak to us as though we were fragile children.

Now...I have to wash my boots - again - that were mired in mud at the range. As was my truck...thank goodness for 4WD. Just have to wait on the state. But yes, it may be that Trooper can find out who gets my packet and ensure it gets moved on out. They have been seriously inundated with them and there IS a backlog. But you'd be amazed at how much detail they have to work on for each packet - during work hours while also getting their job done.

I'll be happy to get my card by springtime.

Which - ahem - may be the time I finally manage to get my Springfield. Damn It.
(Yeah, I know. If you want the best, you get to wait for it.)

Still, I rock, you know.

Just thought it needed sayin'.


Feisty said...



All that and pair of damn socks!

; )

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes, you do rock! Congrats on your score, too.


LauraB said...

AND a pair of sxxxx, yes!
I am absolutely too big for my britches today.

Thanks, J! It was amazingly easy. Scary, that.

D.W. said...


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Good job!!!

LauraB said...

Hey, DW and Yabuuuu....Thanks!!

Mind you, I have always held that the 2A is my carry license know how some people can be all about the rules (Troopah). Sheesh.