Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today was an REI Garage Sale - about the best time to find good gear at a more friendly price point. Austin has three different locations and if you are a Member you can take advantage of the sale. The Lamar location's sale is next Saturday and our favorite store in Round Rock has a sale on the 13th. We figure we'll be damned well broke by the time we finish this month. But well equipped!

Today was a banner day, though, because we found these for Ranger - in his size - for $4. Swear!
We put them on and immediately took him for a walk and a romp in the pasture nearby. At first he walked like a pony, prancing with high steps. But then he settled into them with little incident. Only one shoe turned a bit on his foot and needed to be resecured. I think we'll look at getting the "liner socks" since he has his dew claws - should help prevent the boot from slipping and snagging on them. I know, I know - he ought to be a "tough guy" and be hardened to the work. But there are some places we go that the boots could help in - the range has "goat head" burrs that make a Floridian sandspur feel like a cotton ball.

Adding to the booty was a new GPS, binoculars, heavy winter boots for Trooper, and a jacket for me. If you've a hankerin' for quality gear with minor cosmetic issues, that member's only sale can't be beat.

Up Wi' It!

Most of you will have already seen it, being fans of his already. But Ed has it to rights here.

Me? I'm more likely to crack open a Shiner variation or bottle of nice chianti. But sometimes the mood strikes - and when it does, it's The Macallans. Trooper prefers Woodford's Reserve - and I can abide it, too, if pressed.

Life is too short to imbibe swill.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ask Not For Whom The Pot Boils

This man may be controversial. But I do think he means well - more so than most...

This bit made me smile this evening, even though my tooth is aching.

"When the social and moral excrement finally hits the economic collapse rotary oscillator in this country resulting in general societal breakdown, these uncomprehending, self-obsessed, arrogant idiots will be eaten by the the illiterati of their own side."

Indeed, they are fools in blinders, believing that all their "children" will sit at their learn'ed knee and look to them for answers in the travail. Rather, the feral lot will look for answers in their entrails. Hell, it might at least give an honest answer - yes, they were full of shit.

Justice Runs Deep

Who knows why these things happen? How the smallest detail is left to fate...and people turn their faces away and let good young men pay for bad decisions. It's not the Army that Trooper knew...else his own South American adventure would have cost him at least as much.

Fucking damn this business. Because it isn't being run like a war - there seems to be a P and L sheet somewhere and this man landed on the wrong page.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Dozen Years, A Million Miles Away

The old men, finding a fountain of youth in an audience...the sly looks that erase decades from their faces. And glimpses of a Cuba that no celebrity will see - the real life, the sad reflection of corruption and a weary people.

And Ibrahim...a second youth in the oldest of age.

Go ahead, play the music, and dance around the kitchen with someone you love. Or even like just a little. They'll grow on ya before the tunes fade. I don't what it is about that island rhythm but it is infectious, seductive...and, yes, melancholy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day!

It's been coming down in huge flakes and Ranger has experienced his first snow day.

His thick fur maintains a nice waterproof state, making it easy to wipe him off afterward. And makes for a cute photo op.

What made me laugh was his look - a kind of "WTF?" when he first stepped on it. A bit after, Trooper was home and throwing snowballs at him.
Ranger tried to catch them and, as they exploded in his mouth, looked all around for the "ball". After the second "ball" he caught on and was leaping around in pleasure as he snapped his jaws around them.
I wish I could be out in it but work keeps me pinned to the laptop. At least I had the good sense to stay home and off the roads. I might be just fine but I don't trust the rest of the Bread and Milk Aquisition Team.


Whenever I see the word, Americana, I cannot help but recall the lovely Gillian Anderson and her role in The House of Mirth.

Well, this fellow has an amazing collection of just that sort of thing. Pricey? Yes. But perhaps the last of a history about to leave us...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

AD's MV TU know, it only takes a moment to risk everything you love. Ambulance Driver got to live that long moment and walk away. And I KNOW he's glad of it, too.

But he's also down a vehicle and, if you've ever been in that No-Credit, No-Car hell, you can imagine his tough spot right now. He doesn't know me from Adam's Housecat, as Trooper likes to say, but so many of us are a paycheck - or a wreck - away from the "Oh Shit, now what do I do?!" position in life. Take some happiness in knowing that this time it wasn't you - and perhaps click in a donation in thankfulness. I know we shall.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Solemn Friday Night

My mouth hurts, my mind is tired, and there's a muddling around inside - a restlessness.
And on such a night, there is always Bryan Ferry...and thoughts of long ago.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Up For Debate

This post definitely has a lot of reaction...

My own? If you, in your community, are dealing with thugs with a badge - move. I would personally suggest any small town in Texas where, if you do have a CHL and aren't carrying, you'll be asked why the hell not.

It may be that I know a better quality of men but I can state that each and every one would hope to hold what they could against an onslaught, tossing spare ammo your way down the line. But it IS a thin line. That's why not many decent people volunteer to ride it - they've more sense, I reckon. Maybe there is something to what a friend has said - that no decent man would take the job. But there are a few for whom it is not merely sport. It is an avocation.

I've always said - take care of your own. That is Priority #1. Living and helping your family survive in sudden collapse is nothing to be ashamed of. We expect that you - the good and knowing - have and will do the same.

Prepare, plan, practice, and execute. If you do, that thin line they'll try and hold. Even if only long enough to get you on the safe side of it.

A Manifesto? Really?

I haven't exactly been glued to the news about the aircraft incident today. But my brother sent me this link to the supposed pilot's final words.

Strange that he was seemingly quite literate about some things and yet misspelling the simplest words. As though edited by someone not nearly as smart. I know, I know - awfully black helicopter of me, eh? It just was not quite...right. But then, obviously neither was he. Or he was very right.

I don't know...I'll keep an ear to the ground on this one. And one knows the news will not be good as the price paid is found out. As I said a back on Jan 18, "This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."

Updates: Billy tosses this up. Yes! Why, yes - I didn't get the damned angle on it before. Someone else did. Good on ya...

Sarah, Smile

Poor Sarah continues to deal with the crunch....and I made the mistake of opening the comments and read the one from her mom.

It generated so many flickers of memory and regret. I remembered most that small moment at the top of the stairs, everything I'd worked so hard to keep - a marriage, a home, a garden, a good name - being loaded in a truck or left behind forever. I'd been so strong for months. I'd fought hard to just exist and there were so many regrets in view from that vantage point.

I can remember my eyes shifting about, trying to make sense of it. And she was there - frail, bent, in constant pain - her arms around me and telling me it would all be okay. It's hard to believe in the moment but she was right, of course. Those years that seemed so full of trials and travails have faded.

So many days since I've wished she was here to talk to, to hold hands, and commiserate. I selfishly wish she'd died still full of life and pleasure rather than so weary and in pain so that my memories were not tinged with that sadness.

I hope that Sarah can understand that what is being done for her is done wholly out of love and that it is a gift - an amazing gift - that she will someday give to her own child. It is remembered. It is appreciated. And it is passed on.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make It Pay

Ranger Up is holding a sale today that will benefit Soldiers' Angels:

"With your help, we will donate 20% of ALL of today's sales to the fantastic military-support organization, Soldiers' Angels, through our first ever Charity Day. "

Perhaps some early Christmas Shopping? Get ahead on your birthday gift list? Or maybe an "In God We Trust" shirt for Easter?

If you've got some spare cash, give it a thought...

Monday, February 15, 2010

How Wrong?

I just caught word of this while catching up on Defensetech.

"In another indictment, Israel “Wayne” Weisler, the CEO of US Cavalry, a huge supplier of uniforms, armor and other tactical gear is accused of doing basically the same thing Caldwell and Giordanella are accused of. In meeting at the Ritz in DC back in May, FBI agents posing as officials from African country “A” convinced Weisler and his colleague, Michael Sacks, to pay 20 percent kickbacks on an upwards of $15 million deal. "

Not sure yet that I can find the error - isn't this precisely what was done to move health care in a few states? Except WE paid for that - these guys aren't even taking it out of our pockets.

Does this remove the dunce cap from each and all? No. wrong were they?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day and a Movie

We decided to take a last minute trip out to the ranch after Trooper's shift ended, letting Ranger get some exercise and blowing the stink off of us. (That's what mom used to say, anyway...) It was a quickly cooling afternoon and I was glad to have the new Gortex camo jacket to ward off the high wind.

That wind served us well as we walked through the pasture - in the treeline I could hear, again, that pork battle squeal. I leashed Ranger and Trooper slipped off only to be confronted by a small sow, hoping to come out of the woods, one assumes. It was a fast shot and a deadly one.

We continued our walk, talking, enjoying the peace. On the way home we agreed that a fast dinner would be better than a fancy one. And there were some chocolate covered strawberries for to some inexpensive Tex Mex, it was no surprise to see people he knew. Rather, former passengers he knew. One can never tell if they recognize him out of uniform. Some do. It was the usual passive surveillance, then, to ensure all was well. Hazards of small town LEO work...

I was fortunate enough to spot a very nice jacket last night at the REI at their 50% sale. (There is - was - one more in black XXL there at 1/3rd the manu cost if interested...) That made for a nice gift since my intended one hasn't arrived. Yes, I am a procrastinator. No, I didn't think it would take that long. At any rate, the jacket is the perfect layer for this weather - not quite parka weather, something heavier than a barn jacket chilly...he donned it for the evening, looking quite handsome, I must say.

Home, we took the chance to watch an HBO movie on Tivo - he worked that production one very long day back in October 2008. The story is truly inspiring and Claire Danes is just an amazing actress. Do catch a showing if you can...

And now...time to get some rest - his 5a shift is coming too soon. But I think he'll be headed back to the ranch without us in the afternoon, his lucky shirt on. So, it was a good Vday. Unconventional, perhaps. But very, very pleasing.

A Kind of Mercy

I saw a link to this on Hotair. It was simply impossible for me to find any feeling for her other than disdain. I tried to summon up some kind of empathy, all too aware of the nights and holidays alone. But I went into this with that knowledge. As did she. Except that she was in love with the danger, not the man. I wondered about that a moment and then clicked through.

This told me what I needed to know.

"[if she had a million dollars]...I would drop frequent and regular $100 bills psychiatrist; and most, most, most, important, my man Manny at Hilltop Pharmacy."

So much for mercy. Welcome to the prozac nation, making the best decisions they can, and fucking you over in the ballot booth.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When It Rains

Remember a few posts ago that 1911 deal that I couldn't pass up? No sooner do I get it than my darling, me beloved Springfield shows up in the sights of a good friend. He has ordered it from his contact - a single unit and unfound anywhere else lately - at a very good price.

Springfield Loaded Champion in the OD Green/Black

So now we know where Trooper's next few part-time checks are going...and yes - it IS a Happy Valentine's Day for me!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fer Cryin' Out Loud...

So I was listening to Beck this AM to hear Medina's interview and he sprung on her the "is it true you are a 9/11 truther?" and she crashed and burned. There were a dozen ways to handle that pointed question including a plainly and independently minded, "I do not demand that my supporters believe as I believe chapter and verse. Myself, I believe it was a terrorist attack." This was a pivotal interview that she ought to have prep'd for all night.

Mind you, I hadn't heard that rumor before so I am not sure where he came up with it. And, of course, there is always the option of someone trying to bring her down from within by presenting that viewpoint and claiming she agreed. But he is right that she just avoided the question in a manner that she hasn't, to date, presented.

It was an interesting tone - she came on with a sort of...hasty, rushed, and defensive sound. He asked her to tell him about herself and she didn't move past a pamphlet paragraph. Which he seemed to ignore or miss and reiterated with some irritation. Admittedly, Beck had a kind of dismissive tone after her initial response - perhaps because he had that stinger question in mind and it colored his interview style. But she ought to have been so much better...

Sigh...I just cannot imagine it could have been more poorly done. I feel badly for her. She ought to have aced this thing. It was a huge audience - and she lost most of them. Too damned bad...she handed the thing to Perry on a silver platter.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

All Good Thoughts... to Sarah as she tries to not have their baby (quite the departure) before her husband gets home. He's snowed in - in Afghanistan. I reckon he won't get there in time but it won't matter, in the end. They will both be enthralled with what they thought they could never have.

She's the strongest thing...but likely it won't hurt to send along some good wishes...

Monday, February 08, 2010

A Different Kind of Hunter

I must warn you - this link is not for everyone. Hardly for anyone. See the community organizers of Liberia and their product. Look at the efforts of the U.N. and ask yourself why this sort of thing follows them everywhere they set up camp.

Never think this couldn't be Any Major City, USA. Hunger alone would do it. Enough hunger, extended over a long enough must trust me about this. I was only too aware of its freshman class in my youth. Oh, these are PhD's, surely. takes very little education to get this advanced in Hell.

Vice Guide to Liberia

Kevlar Pith Helmet Tip to Jaded Haven.

I Was Ready, Too...

So, I was all fired up about getting my beloved 1911. But after months of waiting on the Loaded Champion I wanted from Springfield there was a deal I could not in my right mind resist.
So I didn't.
We will be editing a few things to suit me but it is, overall, superb. The trigger is set to just the right *plink* pull. (I know that is female gibberish but I bet you know what I mean.) And I have to tell you - the .45 is so much more satisfying than the 9mm ever was. That was my old beater - a craptacular Firestar - that was really just there to make me feel better.
It is amazing to move on up to a really decent gun. Easy to take down, clean and reassemble, too.
Oh, my darling! My sweet baby! Come snuggle up in my thigh rig, you beauty!
And, yes - the concealed holster option is coming. Finally found the one that Il Ling New mentioned on the Personal Defense show - permits a nice cant to better suit a woman's body. I frankly cannot wait until I can carry the dang thing all legal-like. Just some paperwork between me and that...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

All Fired Up

Guess why this man is smiling...yep, one less hog on a ranch. See, here in Texas they are vermin so there is no limit and no season. We happened to be making rounds when we heard the worst porcine squabbling. It was actually sort of frightening even from a distance.

Ranger did NOT want to stay behind with me as his father started moving out in stealth mode. He pulled on that leash with all 100 lbs. I made him stay with me, crouched by a discer as Trooper hid a few hundred yards away. One shot, then a few more, and he called the All Clear. I kept my 1911 at hand and ready, not wanting to meet up with this fellow's family.

Yes, it was a good day for all but the pig. But Trooper says never no more shall he be pig hunting with .223 - mind you, we hadn't expected to be pig hunting. But I think he shall be coming out with something much more impactful in the future.

Ranger is crashed out, Trooper is back from turning in paperwork, and me - I've knitting to work on. And laundry. A lot of multicam laundry.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Something That Will Not Let Go

Ages ago when I was still young and fetching this music was popular. I was fortunate enough to see them play in 3 different venues in their brief visit to Atlanta. Mary Fahl's voice was stunning. And such harmony...

Still, I cannot help but ache over the days lost since...decades just gone like leaves in the wind. If I'd only known how quickly they'd is an evening of looking back, I suppose, on things surrendered. For survival. For happiness.

But the price..."...wings or song?"

She Just Might

I've been watching the Medina campaign for Governor and have been pleased to see her performances. She has made the other two candidates look like amateurs - and professional politicians. The initial debate wherein the made the usual no-answer answers had the audience groaning audibly.

The Belo debate (vids online) really sealed that. The news channel poll afterward had Medina at 68%, Hutchison at 10 and Perry at 22%. THAT is an amazing feat for a newcomer.

Some of her coming events are here. Her platform is here. My near-anarcho-capitalist nature shuns the vote, it's true. But if one must choose the lesser of evils...well...she seems a good choice.