Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today was an REI Garage Sale - about the best time to find good gear at a more friendly price point. Austin has three different locations and if you are a Member you can take advantage of the sale. The Lamar location's sale is next Saturday and our favorite store in Round Rock has a sale on the 13th. We figure we'll be damned well broke by the time we finish this month. But well equipped!

Today was a banner day, though, because we found these for Ranger - in his size - for $4. Swear!
We put them on and immediately took him for a walk and a romp in the pasture nearby. At first he walked like a pony, prancing with high steps. But then he settled into them with little incident. Only one shoe turned a bit on his foot and needed to be resecured. I think we'll look at getting the "liner socks" since he has his dew claws - should help prevent the boot from slipping and snagging on them. I know, I know - he ought to be a "tough guy" and be hardened to the work. But there are some places we go that the boots could help in - the range has "goat head" burrs that make a Floridian sandspur feel like a cotton ball.

Adding to the booty was a new GPS, binoculars, heavy winter boots for Trooper, and a jacket for me. If you've a hankerin' for quality gear with minor cosmetic issues, that member's only sale can't be beat.

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