Friday, February 26, 2010

Ask Not For Whom The Pot Boils

This man may be controversial. But I do think he means well - more so than most...

This bit made me smile this evening, even though my tooth is aching.

"When the social and moral excrement finally hits the economic collapse rotary oscillator in this country resulting in general societal breakdown, these uncomprehending, self-obsessed, arrogant idiots will be eaten by the the illiterati of their own side."

Indeed, they are fools in blinders, believing that all their "children" will sit at their learn'ed knee and look to them for answers in the travail. Rather, the feral lot will look for answers in their entrails. Hell, it might at least give an honest answer - yes, they were full of shit.

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Ed Rasimus said...

Gotta love a well honed paragraph.