Monday, February 08, 2010

A Different Kind of Hunter

I must warn you - this link is not for everyone. Hardly for anyone. See the community organizers of Liberia and their product. Look at the efforts of the U.N. and ask yourself why this sort of thing follows them everywhere they set up camp.

Never think this couldn't be Any Major City, USA. Hunger alone would do it. Enough hunger, extended over a long enough must trust me about this. I was only too aware of its freshman class in my youth. Oh, these are PhD's, surely. takes very little education to get this advanced in Hell.

Vice Guide to Liberia

Kevlar Pith Helmet Tip to Jaded Haven.


Daphne said...

I share your thoughts that Liberia could happen in our own backyard. How many degrees are we from that base level of inhumanity? Maybe not so many if the bottom falls out. I don't know, but I worry.

I'm honored and appreciative that you would link me up. You've created a beautiful, well written space Laura.

Much thanks for the grace.

LauraB said...

Thank you for stopping in! I've nothing like your own wordsmithing here - but then I've not much audience to please, either.

Just love your work - keep it up!!

Daphne said...

Write some more, LauraB. More posts, please.

I like reading your thoughts.