Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fer Cryin' Out Loud...

So I was listening to Beck this AM to hear Medina's interview and he sprung on her the "is it true you are a 9/11 truther?" and she crashed and burned. There were a dozen ways to handle that pointed question including a plainly and independently minded, "I do not demand that my supporters believe as I believe chapter and verse. Myself, I believe it was a terrorist attack." This was a pivotal interview that she ought to have prep'd for all night.

Mind you, I hadn't heard that rumor before so I am not sure where he came up with it. And, of course, there is always the option of someone trying to bring her down from within by presenting that viewpoint and claiming she agreed. But he is right that she just avoided the question in a manner that she hasn't, to date, presented.

It was an interesting tone - she came on with a sort of...hasty, rushed, and defensive sound. He asked her to tell him about herself and she didn't move past a pamphlet paragraph. Which he seemed to ignore or miss and reiterated with some irritation. Admittedly, Beck had a kind of dismissive tone after her initial response - perhaps because he had that stinger question in mind and it colored his interview style. But she ought to have been so much better...

Sigh...I just cannot imagine it could have been more poorly done. I feel badly for her. She ought to have aced this thing. It was a huge audience - and she lost most of them. Too damned bad...she handed the thing to Perry on a silver platter.


Ed Rasimus said...

She never has had a chance. One need only scratch at her "eliminate property taxes and increase sales tax" proposal which doesn't come close to making sense since more than 3/4 of real estate taxes are for other than state governments.

As I anticipated this is becoming a bigger fiasco each day. KBH is as dirty as they come in terms of trashy campaign lies and innuendo. Perry can easily lose it for himself as he responds rather than taking the high road.

The only good news is the buffoons on the other side are a bigger joke. Shami is politically inept and Houston's pride, Bill White is nothing to brag about.

Ahhhh, American politics. We don't deserve our Republic. Ben Franklin was right.

LauraB said...

You've got it right, in all, Ed. And it's damned sad. Makes me ache all the more to just get to the ranch and close the gate.

But I do love a hot shower, damn it.