Thursday, February 18, 2010

Up For Debate

This post definitely has a lot of reaction...

My own? If you, in your community, are dealing with thugs with a badge - move. I would personally suggest any small town in Texas where, if you do have a CHL and aren't carrying, you'll be asked why the hell not.

It may be that I know a better quality of men but I can state that each and every one would hope to hold what they could against an onslaught, tossing spare ammo your way down the line. But it IS a thin line. That's why not many decent people volunteer to ride it - they've more sense, I reckon. Maybe there is something to what a friend has said - that no decent man would take the job. But there are a few for whom it is not merely sport. It is an avocation.

I've always said - take care of your own. That is Priority #1. Living and helping your family survive in sudden collapse is nothing to be ashamed of. We expect that you - the good and knowing - have and will do the same.

Prepare, plan, practice, and execute. If you do, that thin line they'll try and hold. Even if only long enough to get you on the safe side of it.


Meadowlark said...

Well THAT was an offensive piece of shit post.

Of course, I'm probably biased. ;)

But it's the typical "you're all bad and we're all high-minded". Yeah, like there aren't people I could lump in with "them" who are idiots as well.

Sigh... I'd say thanks for sharing the link, but it just pissed me off.

Peace out chica!

LauraB said...

I find that he generally writes very pointed and intelligent stuff. And there IS an argument for the classification of "the Only Ones" - we all know them, we've all seen the news stories.

I argue more with the broad brush used, I think. Not necessarily with the color paints used...

D.W. said...

Just as in every profession, there are going to be bad apples. But when it comes to LE, I tend to still believe that there are far fewer bad apples than average.