Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day and a Movie

We decided to take a last minute trip out to the ranch after Trooper's shift ended, letting Ranger get some exercise and blowing the stink off of us. (That's what mom used to say, anyway...) It was a quickly cooling afternoon and I was glad to have the new Gortex camo jacket to ward off the high wind.

That wind served us well as we walked through the pasture - in the treeline I could hear, again, that pork battle squeal. I leashed Ranger and Trooper slipped off only to be confronted by a small sow, hoping to come out of the woods, one assumes. It was a fast shot and a deadly one.

We continued our walk, talking, enjoying the peace. On the way home we agreed that a fast dinner would be better than a fancy one. And there were some chocolate covered strawberries for to some inexpensive Tex Mex, it was no surprise to see people he knew. Rather, former passengers he knew. One can never tell if they recognize him out of uniform. Some do. It was the usual passive surveillance, then, to ensure all was well. Hazards of small town LEO work...

I was fortunate enough to spot a very nice jacket last night at the REI at their 50% sale. (There is - was - one more in black XXL there at 1/3rd the manu cost if interested...) That made for a nice gift since my intended one hasn't arrived. Yes, I am a procrastinator. No, I didn't think it would take that long. At any rate, the jacket is the perfect layer for this weather - not quite parka weather, something heavier than a barn jacket chilly...he donned it for the evening, looking quite handsome, I must say.

Home, we took the chance to watch an HBO movie on Tivo - he worked that production one very long day back in October 2008. The story is truly inspiring and Claire Danes is just an amazing actress. Do catch a showing if you can...

And now...time to get some rest - his 5a shift is coming too soon. But I think he'll be headed back to the ranch without us in the afternoon, his lucky shirt on. So, it was a good Vday. Unconventional, perhaps. But very, very pleasing.

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