Monday, March 22, 2010

And...and...ONE scorpian!

Oh, sweet fancy Moses! DO watch this but no fluids allowed during. It's a level 10.5 spit-take warning here, my friends.

Courtesy of the Ghost, the most amusing little place...


The Six said...


Dang it Laura. You gotta warn a guy before you... Teach me to read before I watch.

Oh wait you did.

Priceless. Thanks, I needed the laugh today.

LauraB said...

As did we all...need a laugh, I mean.

Ed Rasimus said...

"What is your name?"

"What is your quest?"

"What is the velocity of an unladen swallow?"

"Would that be an African or European swallow?"

"I don't know...Eeeyyyyaaaahhhhh."

"You have to know this sort of thing if you want to be a king."

LauraB said...

All this is "Number Five - right out!"

Daphne said...

My face hurts. ;-D