Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Boiling Pot

Damned if Billy hasn't put it in his usual crystal clear way.

"I don't care about that little bastard. As long as he's in play in this -- and you started it -- I hope he curls up in a little ball and drops dead at his mother's feet.

Do you understand? I don't care: you sonsofbitches are pricing me right out of the market for "care" every single day, now."

And though I thought I had it to rights in the previous few posts - No...

I mean, I'd heard what was coming next but I didn't nearly have it all in sight.


Ed Rasimus said...

I postulated about a year ago that the Messiah looks as though he doesn't care about being re-elected...precisely because he does not expect to have another Presidential election in this country.

The plot is proceeding apace. Total nationalization of industry, fueling of class envy, demonization of the free markets, subverting of the electoral process, etc. Follow soon with declaration of a state of emergency, disarmament of the people and burning of the Reichstag...

Ooops, the parallels are simply too great to ignore.

LauraB said...

I'm sorry - where did you go awry? OH - there at the end. I see it now.

And yes, I see it all now. It's there, on the horizon.