Monday, March 01, 2010

A Modest Bit of Whining

Now, let me preface this by saying I LOVE her. I do. I waited in a very long line to get her exhausted self to sign books for me. I put up with Trooper's agony in that same line, surrounded by portraits of the shop's preferred liberals. So I say this with a gentle nod her way.

Stop with the damned Photoshop already, people.

Okay, okay. I know that was a bit strong. It isn't that I am some photography luddite. Who doesn't like to adjust the brightness, maybe soften the wrinkles...but there comes a point where you have taken a shot of reality and turned it into what it never was.

Her photo contests are a case in point. How many of them were hyper-manipulated? Lovely, sure! But not at all what IS. My own photos - back when I actually TRIED to take really good ones - were just that. Mine. Unadultered. SOOC. Being limited can make you a better photographer and it makes those unexpected great shots so much more rewarding.

Take that deer up top there - it was very early in an autumn morning, damp and foggy. Pretty much not a great time to take a shot. Add in that it was an SLR and I had to not only creep up on the thing - we surprised each other - but I then had to turn on the camera, raise and focus in time. Sure, I could toss some digital edits at it and maybe improve it a bit. But I prefer to look at it as it really was - that moment in time that I can still remember...

Having said all that, I suppose I ought to try and dig up some of those older shots. There were a few I was quite proud of...

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Cindy said...

Laura, I think that photo up top is just beautiful. It is perfect just as it is. Thank you for sharing it.