Thursday, March 04, 2010

Taildraggers, Spears & Kilts

I've no idea how I ended up here,connections clicked through as Trooper pulls an all-nighter for some spare $. It's a strange little blog but I've enjoyed it. And a link led to this video which appears to be a tale that I was unaware of. But then my stance on missionary work would make that understandable.

What's that? Indigenous people have always known God. They do not - GOD does not - need anyone to tell anyone else how to believe. Nor even if they ought to believe. I assure you there are times when I am quite certain that He simply cannot Be. But that is the course of faith and I think it is supposed to wend its way like a stream in a forest - you never see it, whole. You can lose it, backtrack, turn your back on it when a raging river sings a siren song...and you can pollute it. In the end, it is just you and that faith. Nothing else crosses that limitless sky. So why concern yourself with others? It becomes...sullied. Still, some people do feel that need and I try to look on it with a kind of patient regret.

All that said, the flying is what I meant to bring you. The wings...

The beloved motion of the wind...

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Ed Rasimus said...

I saw one of those last fall at a reunion gathering in Fredericksburg. It looks like a J-3 Cub or maybe PA-18 Super Cub, but it's a new airplane with a 230 HP powerplant (the J-3 had 65!) and a lot of fiberglass rather than fabric. It's a beauty and I lust for one!

The J-3 was the first airplane I took a flying lesson in when I was about 18 years old. Palwaukee Airport in Wheeling IL, Milwaukee Ave and Dundee Rd. $10/hour lessons and $7/hour solo.

Can't do that anymore.