Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cheapening Your Value

Ah, yes...between legalizing illegals, returning voting privileges to the incarcerated, and now adding an entire population...and I thought he was brave with the usual fraud (read ACORN).

My God - do you see now why voting will never work? They do not NEED you and your stinkin' approval slip. They will do precisely as they like.

My only involvement in this utter decapitation of a nation? Tell me how we rid ourselves of the monster. Whither Impeachment, Texas?

"The impeachment process may be triggered by non-members. For example...a charge of what actions constitute grounds for impeachment may come from...a state or territorial legislature,"

Heaven help us, I think it is already too late.


Ed Rasimus said...

Note that impeachment of members of the federal executive branch or judiciary can ONLY be done by the US House of Representatives;

and state or territorial legislative authority to impeach only extends to officers of that state or territory, i.e. governor, state judges, etc.

Secession, now is another story!

LauraB said...

GAH! I hate it when I don't read for comprehension. And, admittedly, it sounded too good to be true. But one would think a state - being supposedly the boss of the feds - could do so.

Now, if Perry could quit with the winking at the camera BS long enough to really get some work done...but I think he's afraid. He knows it'd be possible but he doesn't want to be the one pulling that lever. Not at all.

But - as you say - he isn't the one in charge. What was it? The Lt Gov is the one with the real power?