Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Faith and Liars

I wonder how it is that a man who has a chat moniker of "WWJD" manages to make that work with his ability to set me up for unemployment without even the courtesy of a warning or thanks for everything.

I do sometimes get tired of the "faithful" behaving like utter shits all week and then saints for a day. It is tiresome, too, that I have to keep working for him and being polite while he is quietly stabbing me in the back. Well, not that quietly since it took nothing to find out. Just not from him nor the person he is collaborating with.

So...time for me to scramble for either another role internally or to find something externally. And it angers me beyond belief. Nearly 7 years with this guy and this is what I get? Well, it does remind me that, when it comes to work, no one cares about you as much as you think. I'd learned that lesson long ago but had forgotten that sudden sharp pain of betrayal and deceit.

And how to hold my anger back and not send the well-written Fuck You email? Or the "thanks for being a dick on Administrative Professionals Day " message. I refuse to do it simply because it isn't professional is extremely difficult. I understand that business demands some less than savory actions now and then. But this was simply not necessary. Being upfront and honest about the matter would have at least been...reasonable.

Shit - it doesn't really matter, does it? All this back and forthing. It WILL happen and the repercussions are what I need to deal with. Still, it hurts the ego...and we've company tonight so I have to smile and make nice...

Where did I leave that voodoo doll? I think it needs a new nametag.


Feisty said...

Oh, bless.


MONICA-LnP said...

aww that sucks!

Ed Rasimus said...

When I made a run for the state legislature in Colorado against a darling of the Religious Right, I was astonished at the ability to lie and manipulate. It was finally explained to me by one who had been through an Evangelical experience (and then recovered).

When they "accept as their personal savior..." they are then absolved of their sins, both past and future. They are assured of salvation by virtue of their baptism and acceptance, hence what they do in terms of honor and integrity is not viewed as evil or sinful, only as expedient.

Is religion great or what? I tend toward WWRD...What Would Robin Do? Robin Olds, that is.

LauraB said...

Ed, that surely leaves you with an embarrassment of choices. LOL Seriously, though, you make a terrific point that I hadn't considered. Dark rationalizations are the only way that works. It makes me sorry for them.

Thanks, ladies! Life has disappointed me before and it has always worked out. I'm confident this one will, too. But I am still cursing that SOB.

Brigid said...

Ed - I've never heard anyone put it so well. Thanks. One of my closest friends works with such a person, who goes out of their way to make others look bad with false information, downright lies and tricks to advance themself in an economic downturn.

I dated a fellow some years back who attended such a church. I used to get the dirty looks becauseu I'd be there in slacks with my hair down my back when most of the women tended to be of the "skirt and bun" variety.

They were begging for volunteers one day to help with some budget committee for a planned expansion. Anyone with "business" experience". I volunteered, telling the minister I had an MBA and a expeirence with large budgets. The minister looked at me and said with GREAT disdain and said "That role is for a man, but we do need help in the nursery."

Let's get this straight, I'd manage a huge budget, up to 1000 people, serving our country for over 10 years, with 2 graduate degrees but I can't be on your committee? And though I've never raised a child to adulthood I can work in the nursery because I have a uterus?

I never went back.

I think of the bumper sticker. "Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole."

LauraB said...

HA!I have seen that sticker, B - SO accurate.

Skirts and buns? All very nice, of course, but better still if one allows one up and the other down now and then.