Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fat Lip'd and Capped My ...


So what might you think would terrify an already nervous dental client more? The 2nd step of the root canal process or your light shield and glass falling on their mouth?


There I was minding my own business as he finalized the temporary crown fitting when the assistant reaches for the light fixture only to have the sanitary shield AND the glass shade drop straight down on my face! We were all struck still and silent for a moment - I reached up carefully to ensure the tooth (front and center, of course) was still there. The lip was already swelling since it took most of the blow.

After that, we all took a deep breath and he looked at the lip and the tooth to ensure there were no drastic issues. Then we finished what we were all there for. I was almost more amused at how terrified they were - "okay, everyone - shake it off!", I told them to ease the tension.

Later, another look, an ice pack, and deep apologies followed by a gratis future cosmetic service rendered me calm and satisfied. After all, I don't want him to have any sort of mark on his name. I trust him to take care of any issues that arise from it. And their obvious concern and fear was enough to tell me they weren't going to try and run from their responsibility.

But I am still a little shakey from it all, I have to admit. It was a shock to the system, after all. I have treated myself, though, to some Starbucks snackage. All will be well soon enough.

Even if I do look like I was in a fight. Heh...take THAT you vanilla scone mofo! Kah-chow!


The Six said...

Ouch Laura! Sorry you got hurt but glad you're feeling better.

Man, you just don't think you're gonna get beaned at I mean, that should be safe. Right?

I'm never going back. Nope. Never.

John Venlet said...

Laura, I hope you heal quickly, but I can top your dental story.

Lying back in a dental chair at the Naval dental center at Pearl after a root canal and prep for new gold crown.

Good looking Lt. places new crown on molar and desires to check margins prior to cementing permanently in place.

Lt. grabs a length of dental floss and flosses one side of the crown. No problems. Lt. then flosses other side of crown and floss is wedged tight, so she braces herself and yanks. The crown shoots down the back of my throat.

Lt. asks if I can sit up and cough the crown up. No joy, it slides down my esophogaus and into my stomach.

I ask, "What do we do now, make a new one?" Lt. says nothing and walks over to cabinet drawers, grabs a handul of rubber gloves, hands them to me, and directs me to conduct a search and rescue mission, in the toilet, daily, or as often as needed. Dang!

After three days, I strike gold and return to dental office. Lt. takes possession of evacuated crown, does a quick inspection, and then tosses it into a sterilizer.

I sit here, today, with that well traveled gold crown gleaming brightly on that molar still.

LauraB said...

Hey, Six - trust me. ALWAYS go to the dentist. As often as they will let you. I'd pay them a monthly vig if it'd keep my teeth in my head.

Damn it, I cannot WAIT to tell Trooper that story. But you know what? It's true - you really can talk shit.

HA! Bwaa ha ha!

Eh - ahem. Never mind.

John Venlet said...

It's true - you really can talk shit.

Well, I guess I really can talk shit, but at least I don't talk bullshit or horseshit.

Have a great one!

D.W. said...

Glad it all turned out well in the end. No one expects to get beaned at the dentist! :-) If you don't mind us sharing dental stories, I was once nearly asphyxiated by a military dentist who shoved the rubber dam down into the back of my throat! I think it took a full day before my pulse returned to normal...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The first rule of Dental Club is you do not talk about Dental Club.

But blogging doesn't count.

Brigid said...

You poor thing. I hate going to the dentist. My last modeled himself on the Laurence Olivier character in Marathon Man ("iss eet SAFE? iss eet SAFE?") and as a result, my dentist thought Novocaine was only for sissies and enemies of the Reich.

Hope you feel better soon.