Monday, April 19, 2010

Over There, Still

A good friend of Trooper's was, when cleared to go to the war after getting all manner of pins in legs and whatnot from a wreck, involved in Personal Security in the Army. Took a Big Cheese hither and yon in the most hellish of the fighting. He never said much about it, once home. Noted that the man never did quite know when to stay "home" and when to keep his damned head down.

I was reminded of those days just now - I was cleaning out links and came to this one. Can hardly recall why I had it because it wasn't a warrior link at the time it was fav'd. It is now. I loved this peek at his life. "Beats filling sandbags", indeed.

Give it a look - he writes very well, illustrating the work in a way that gives an immediacy to it - putting you there, really. Definitely won't be a languishing link anymore.


Jack said...

Thank you! I was clicking links and I think I got to you from Lagniappe's Lair. Very unexpected to see a link to my blog. Thanks so much, very kind of you.

I guess you were reading back when I was writing cop stuff? I'm glad you didn't delete that link sooner. I'm thinking about reposting those older posts sometime. I also need to get my template fixed and add some links.

Thanks again!

LauraB said...

Jack! You're damned welcome! Indeed, it was the LEO aspect that had me tuck you - gently, mind - in the favorites.

So glad I stumbled over you again. When you've time you ought to reload the old stuff. Take care there, won't you?