Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memory of Honor

Good Ed provides this perfect illumination of the day. Details here if you desire them. I hope to one day witness this incredible ceremony in person. To see all those flags...

In person...I suspect that we'd prefer it was where the President intended to be. But he had a "sleepover" to attend to, after all. Herein, his disdain is better than his golf game. (Again, Ed finds the vid for us...)

Here (and here) though, is something to cleanse your palate after that appalling sampling.

"So forever in the future,
Shall I battle as of yore,
Dying to be born a fighter,
But to die again, once more."

Bless them all...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fighting Forces

In the midst of all the rhetoric from the Useful Idiot and his sycophants there are glimmers of Possibilities.

Support them? Get a USA Division shirt here.

And in case you wonder just what it is that is being debated...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The New Addition To The Family

Well, he has found his new best friend over at the Harley is a 2010 Electra Glide police model whose little acronym escapes me at the moment. Before we moved to Texas, he rode one of those things all day for the county so he is quite familiar with its performance and usage.

But I've heard nothing else for five days except "...blah blah motorcycle blah blah..." and I shall never be happier than when it is under his ass on the road and we can speak of something else.

I have to admit it is one fine ride. And he got a terrific deal on the unit from the guys here - we cannot say enough about their friendliness, kindness, and patience - just a terrific group of people there (which is sometimes not the case with HD dealerships and the attendant snobbery). He'll have to edit the lights to clear and get a touring pack but he has connections that may be able to get it at a bit of a discount. So, for right now, I only get to admire it from afar.

I have to say, though, that his joy is infectious. It is pleasing to see him so happy - and to see him getting "back on the horse". Now, if I could only get his enthusiasm up for finding ME a new vehicle. My darling baby has no 2nd gear

I suspect, however, that I shall hardly see my husband over the next month. Just a fading rumble as he communes with his own nature...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Wee Dram

If you care for a bit o' scotch now and then as I do, you may enjoy being able to sample some of the most ethereal (which sometimes also means expensive) brands produced.

Drinks By The Dram lets you acquire those samples and decide if your palate is sophisticated enough to be worthy of a full bottle. I will definitely have to get a few samples but it comes down to the usual issue with scotch...decisions, decisions. There, you are spoiled for choice. Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Perils of the Texas Range

The Gun Range, I mean.

That is a self-portrait of a headful of burrs and twigs. What you can't see is a big smile on my face. It took about three handfuls of conditioner to get a comb through the rats nest. I'd started out (wisely, I'd thought) with a tidy braid to keep it out of the way. I hadn't planned for all the rolling around on the ground...

The day started off too early (Trooper had perhaps 3 hrs sleep and was RSO that day) but I'd packed a generous plenty of water and snacks. And Gatorade packets. Bless the packets o' life giving refreshment...they saved my ass.

We arrived and started staging our gear. The class was full and, as we pulled up, I saw that it was just as I thought: full of operators. The intimidation factor was raised exponentially. Off to the side was a handful of Larue guys - we all licked our lips as we looked at their rifles. I smiled, trying to hide the fact that I was in mid-panic. Too many people and all of them far more skilled than I was. I hadn't even shot the rifle in...2 months, I guess. And this would be a full day of shooting...

They started us off with a few hours of handgun use. We had an extra person so my target was a late "add" to the line, canted about 45 degrees on the hillside of the side berm. The class focused on using weapons when incapacitated. Shooting left and right handed, tactical reloads one-handed...prone, left, right sides, even on your back. We were all in soft armor, some crazy guys preferring to keep their full kit on the whole time. I was pleased I'd chosen the heavier weight long sleeve top as those who had not were picking burrs off themselves all day. (And let me tell you - those things LOVE your velcro.)

I was drinking something nearly every 5 minutes just to stay hydrated enough (which is why I was so glad I'd gotten those packets!). Most guys were doing well but we had one drop out just after lunch with a fairly strong case of heat exhaustion. The medic RSO took care of that business. They had chilled down Lactated Ringers just in case...

After a quick lunch it was time for the rifle work. I was really uneasy - especially with the Larue guys at the other end. My tilted target was fine for the handgun portion - I could manage it with relative ease. But with the rifle it became rather a challenge. However, it worked out as we moved into two groups, allowing me to just shoot the easier target beside mine. Right handed, left, sides, back - every position was tried. (I never could get a good sight picture on my back...) And then the tactical reload with one hand...that was an amazing challenge and some skills were learned that were priceless. The teacher was amazingly well-versed in the material.

I'd been taking my cap off and putting it on again as needed, unaware that I had such a bad case of "burr head". Sure, my braid had come undone and was a matted, burred mess. But it wasn't until we were driving home and I took my cap off that I discovered the truth. Oh, that group photo will be a real keeper. Sheesh. I mean, I had no makeup on (yes, one did...), had slathered sunscreen on ALL DAY, was sweaty and smiling but...that hair...I must have looked like a mad woman.

And I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. If you'd like to be added to the email list for future class offerings, just let me know. Upcoming will be a field medic class, I think...just a barebones class on what you should carry in your kit and how to cope with the most likely injuries. Can't wait!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Rand Branding

Billy stitches this one up nicely and I wish that Rand Paul could have put it as properly.

"You can try all the force you want, but the elements of peoples' heart & mind character in which matters like racism abide are not available to your steel-patchouli do-goodery. You might think that you're doing "the good of society" (third paragraph) by stripping others of their right to decide on their own associations (whether you like them or not, or whether they're even rational or not), but you're not."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bagram - Nothing To See, Move Along

Hmmm...all I hear on the news about this is crickets.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban insurgents armed with rockets, grenades and suicide vests stormed the giant U.S.-run Bagram Air Field before dawn Wednesday, triggering an eight-hour firefight that killed an American contractor and at least 10 attackers and wounded nine U.S. service members.

As troops and contractors huddled in secure bunkers, the militants fired their weapons over American defenses into the base, according to Maj. Virginia McCabe, a spokeswoman for U.S. forces at Bagram. White smoke could be seen rising from the garrison as U.S. attack helicopters whirred overhead.

It was the second major Taliban assault in the Kabul area in as many days, breaking a nearly three-month lull in insurgent attacks around the Afghan capital. Eighteen people, including five U.S. soldiers and a Canadian colonel, were killed Tuesday in a suicide car bombing in Kabul

Courtesy of The Sniper...

Defense Tech adds:

The attack on Bagram was well coordinated, it was aimed at the main gate, most of the American casualties resulted from mortar fire into the base, Taliban suicide bombers attempted to infiltrate the base on motorcycles and some wore military style uniforms and chest rigs stuffed with grenades and AK-47 magazines. At least a couple of insurgents made it into a vehicle maintenance bay before they were killed, whether that meant they were technically inside the perimeter our sources were unable to confirm.

The insurgents likely came from the guerrilla force commanded by Jalaluddin Haqqani’s son Saraj, which operates in eastern and northern Afghanistan, sources say. The Haqqani network is based in the lawless Pakistani tribal regions along the border. In recent weeks, the network has been infiltrating platoon sized assault teams, 20–40 men, across the border, that then disperse to different targets.

Read more:

Happy Friday!

Wrong side of the bed? Huh...

"Some say the end is near.
Some say well see armageddon soon.
I certainly hope we will.
I sure could use a vacation from this Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of Freaks"

"I piss on my generation
I piss on my fucking generation
All I see are little MTV babies playing their little MTV game
That ain't the fuckin real world I was forced to see
That ain't the real world at all
...The line to suck my dick starts to the left"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

AZ Demands Principles of L.A.

I absolutely cackled over this bit of provocation.

"Noting that a quarter of Los Angeles' electricity comes from Arizona power plants, Pierce threatened to pull the plug if the City Council does not reconsider. [...] If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation."

Tip o' the hard hat to the Flea.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leather Madness

That title might garner me a few unexpected hits, no? But this is what I'm talkin' about...

We called Kirkpatrick Monday. By Tuesday night I had the box on my porch. Mind you, it is obvious that they had my items in stock - they usually have a 6-8 week waiting period. Even so...the thought that they could run to the back and box up my stuff and get a shipment out the door same day? Amazing.

But the best part? The price. A friend has loaned me his identical holster for months, now. We talked about them last night and he said that in a decade that price has not changed. Nor has the quality.

So if you want superior leather from a small shop that is dedicated to making you happy (not to mention making a leather holster that has held up through A LOT of usage over 10+ years), do give them a jingle. What you see there is their "Texas Strongside" holster with single mag pouch. Yes, of course, in black and brown - one must accessorize properly, no? I'm very pleased.

She Appears

Guess what landed in my in-box today? You guys all know of my penchant for the Morrigan...well, Ranger Up has a shirt on pre-order just for us ladies. Tah-dah!

GORGEOUS! Amazing. Precisely what was needed to get me to come off my ass and spend some $$ with the guys. Once there, of course, I just had to lob a couple more shirts into the order bin - check out their Liberty Tree.

These guys are always doing their very best to put out products that support what we believe in. As I told them, I am always deciding, "Would I rather spend this amount on bullets?". Now and then, though, it's important to show some love to those who are doing it right.

Cannot WAIT to get her...she's gorgeous.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Doing Something

To the right you will see a link for Defend Michael that takes you to the site his family has arranged to introduce you to Michael Behenna and his story. An email sent this morning indicates the following. Anything you might be able to do would obviously be very, very helpful.

Many of Michael’s supporters have contacted us for additional ways to help. This [motorcycle]rally will aid Michael and the other Leavenworth 10 in creating awareness for those who have not heard their stories.

We envision this Rally to begin in at least the following 12 states; Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee, and culminate in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Due to the significance of 9/11 to these soldiers call to duty, we are considering holding the event the weekend before, on Labor Day 9/4/2010. Before we finalize our plans, we would like to know if you would assist in the following areas:

- Help put together the event in Leavenworth
- Help coordinate a state leg of this journey to Leavenworth
- Design and maintenance of a web site
- Help sponsor the event (not necessary to attend)
- Graphic Design (t-shirts, signs, flyers)
- Most importantly - make the ride to Leavenworth (motorcycles and vehicles would be welcome)

Please reply about your interests and we will build a database of who can help us on this event. We are also very interested in your thoughts and ideas about this event! The size of this event is dependent upon those involved and our ability to attract other concerned Patriots. This rally is a way to show these soldiers that we appreciate their unselfish service to our country and they are not forgotten. Defend Michael []

It's a damned strange thing to be in prison for doing your duty. And there is a reason you hear so very little about it in any media. But if there's anything you can do - even from a distance - I know it'd mean the world to them. And to me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Verbose And Asking For It

So you're thinking, "Fer shit's sake, how many posts does she plan to jam into a weekend?" Well...

A very long time ago I did a favor for a friend. She wanted to work. She had a baby. I chose to help raise the bairn since the father was a bit less than...sober, let's say. Not a bad man but just not Present In The Moment.

Mere weeks after she was born I moved in and began caring for her. She was amazingly bright even at that very early stage. I would dress her in the finery her mother demanded and we'd go for long walks. She loved the fresh wind in her face and I was not against getting her out in the weather. I believed it was perfectly fine to dress warmly and carouse in the winter chill.

I would tell her long stories though she couldn't know more than the tone of my voice. I would give names to things as she played. And over time she became more mine than her mother's. How not? How not when her mother would push at her when she came home, more concerned with doffing her office finery and donning something to smoke?

I performed this labor of love for nearly four years. In the end, I had to leave it behind. It was madness - conflict and convicts, recriminations and criminals. I have always regretted leaving the child behind in that situation. Too smart by half for a mother dedicated to her buzz. And her mother no slouch in the brains department either but with no desire to apply them to anything but ways to avoid work, acquire funds, and acquire said buzz. I visited only once more, years after. A small quarrel we had, the child and I. It is all I remember...

There is still a photo, dim with the years, of her smiling gently at the camera in a silver frame on a shelf. I rarely polish it, not often do I look at it. Because it is a link to a woman whom I loved dearly but with whom I can never again communicate. I severed that link not long after I met Trooper, knowing that her kind of Crazy was just not something I wanted in my life anymore. A friend had written, "Chew through all of the umbilical cords which provide toxic nourishment, regardless of to whom they are connected and however long it takes." That connection was tenuous at best but utterly drenched in that toxin. I cut it and turned away.

I turned away from the only one who knew me in those years, who knew the stories that my own addled brain had long lost. My sins, many and varied, are surely still tabulated by her. I consider that loss of memory a blessing. And I missed terribly that connection to the girl. Her mother knew it and would try to reach out with lies about her that I simply could not answer. I told myself that if it were true, I would know. That slender thread would tell me.

Strange that she has been merely 90 minutes away...hardly a handful of letters could be typed in on Trooper's laptop and I could know more than that. But I have chosen to not know. Nothing more than that she was there, alive, grown into a lovely woman. And then something stirred in me.

I remembered an old snippet of data - her own passion for the knitting needles - and in a flash I was looking on the site we fanatics of fleece use...hardly any effort at all was needed. I looked and read, my finger hovered over the Add As Friend button for long moments.

Decades gone, would she know? Would she notice if I did it? Did she even visit the site anymore? And memories flooding by of those difficult much forgotten in my wish to let it all be Behind Me. What was I doing if I brought this back into the Now? Was I starting a pathway back to that pain or was she as free of her mother now as I am?

And then I think of this: she is the one who is to get all the words. The will is clear, my will known. Because I wasn't certain anyone else would understand them, and I cannot explain to you why I believe that she could. There is nothing of me in her.

The last thought as I clicked that button was one of wry inevitability. This cord of communion, this ephemeral connection, surely there is a reason for it. And, if not, easily enough undone. And a bonfire of my vanities can be made, instead. A proper pyre made of their aged pages and fading ink.

And what vanity this? Reaching out for immortality...we shall see what cost that vanity exacts...

Where's The Little Queen?

Cleaning out my links tonight I stumbled on an ancient one. Here's a sampling from long ago...

"Last week was an extremely stressful one, both at work and at home. Time was, I'd have alleviated that stress with a little self-medication. I mean, in 1990, I'd have snorted a bucket of cocaine and washed it down with ten gallons of Jack and Diet Coke. In '95, I'd have taken a handful of valium, with a pinot grigo chaser. In 2000, I'd have smoked enough weed to numb the shakes, perhaps throwing in a little sport-fucking to keep it real, yo. Now? All of these delighful avenues are denied to me."

Ah, yes...those were the mad, early days of the blogosphere. Hell, we would have mocked the HELL outta you for even giving it that name.

Wonder whatever happened to her. Likely still going like a champ under another moniker and I haven't the smarts to peg her.

Geardo Saturday

Ah, yes - the beloved 5.11 sale at GT's...once again we forgot about the event. Thankfully, a friend texted and I roused Trooper from his night shift sleep with the promise of burritos on the road. (Sorry, B - I texted but likely too time!)

We are fortunate to live near the store and can participate in these sale days. Their clearance racks are also offer terrific deals every, I acquired a set of goggles in case they would work for Ranger with some mods. I know, I know - but the mgmt gave a further discount on them due to the massive load of attire we were buying. We figured even if they didn't work on the dog that one of us would make fine use of them. No loss. And almost 1/2 price.

The covert casual shirts were BOGO - I fit in the Mens Medium and took advantage of it. Sure, they aren't exactly flattering but they do the job! They were also GONE within a few hours. Our pal held aside a bunch for us. Trooper got a tactical version as well as some pants at discount. Of course, none of their womens pants were sized for hobbits - even though they hem for free, the pockets tend to be skewed on the leg so that they're hard to reach. Not worth the $ for me...

Batons (as in those fat ones the old fellas used to carry) were $5, I think. Sure, one each. Misc gun cleaning items were acquired as was a birthday gift (pistol bag) for a special young man. They cut us a deal on a quick clot kit in a molle pouch that I think I'll tack onto the back of the bag.

I need a decent pair of boots but since I cannot get the pair I want, I bought the pair I found for 1/3 the cost. And yes, mens size but they give my hobbitses footses the room they need. I'll wear them around a bit tonight to break them in. Not a great pair but not bad! And many more to be had if interested...event the desert versions - just not in girly sizes.

And, of course, none of us won any of the door prizes - but we figured it was well worth the time and effort today. We're all too damned familiar to the folks there so it's nice to just visit, chat, wander the just never know what you're going to find! Can you tell I was more thrilled about this shopping experience than I would have been about any standard girly fare? What can I say? I'm just another geardo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Gone

Trooper and I are great fans of the Aggie Corps of Cadets. It was particularly difficult for him last evening as he worked the wreck that saw the terrible loss of two of those cadets. Can't really reveal much about it, of course. But it was painful for him...

We talked about it when he finally made it home. I stayed up an extra hour to just be there, get him a late dinner, let the words come from him so that he could sleep later. There is something useful in that conversation for him...a kind of download so that he can let it go. At least until today.

His phone has been a constant companion, ringing as soon as he finishes a call. Kind words to family members dealing with a horrible least the rain today will allow him to spend more time on the report, aiding the families in the steps they have to take, now.

It is the aftermath that strikes me deeply - the details that grieving families must deal with. Texas DPS offers a very strong victim assistance department. Notifications are always made in-person with supportive personnel attending. It is a very solemn and respectful duty and it must be a kind of calling for those who take on that role. Our area is particularly blessed with a fine representative in that role.

But, if you could, spare a moment and a prayer for the families as well as those cadets who will be grieving that loss.

Heart On A Wing

It was this date that Denys Finch Hatton and his servant died in the crash of his Gipsy Moth.
He lived precisely as he wished and, I believe, would have only slightly preferred to have passed beneath the tooth and claw of a lion.
It was a tremendous blow to Karen Blixen but her fatalism also took it as a confirmation - she knew she would lose him one day. I imagine she found it easier to leave Africa after...
If you'd like to learn more about the man, this is a very good rendering:
Silence Will Speak (1977) by Errol Trzebinski

Roasting the Weiner

Yeah, I missed it the first time around...

And there's our man of the hour, Mr. Barack fuckin' joke thief Obama. Havin' fun, buddy?
(Obama smiles nervously)
Listen pal, maybe I live in a cave, but I read the papers.
Strafing Manhattan in a 747? Really? In case you didn't notice, I was doing that routine like eight fucking years ago. I mean, what are you, Carlos fucking Mencia?
(Obama smiles nervously)
What's the matter? Teleprompter got your tongue?
(Obama smiles nervously)
Holy scimitar, this fuckface couldn't ad lib a fart.

Read the whole damn thing. I cackled the whole way...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rockin' On The Way Out

A friend sends this which I cannot embed for you. Crank it up, dance around. PJs optional.

Tripping The Bits

Ah, it's been a long many little things of note and I've been trying to line them up and remember them so I could post them for you. Mind, it may be old news, now...

Ghost has a couple very interesting items. This, in which a rather unattractive woman nearly cackles at the end as she finds something she can agree with. (Why a single Jew voted for the Useful Idiot escapes me...)

And, then this - "How the United States Lost the Naval War of 2015".

Frank Frazetta passed...oh, how those book covers stirred - well, they did.

Ah, the process of Discovery ought to be a real treat! Or do you think he'll try to wave his hand in that manner of noblesse oblige and give it a pass?

WANTS!! WANTS MORE! (Yes, there's a men's version.)

This guy? He might have some interesting views from his past employment:
"Economic Adviser, Macroeconomic and Fiscal Unit (Ministry of Finance, Russian Government), January 1993–August 1993. Assisted the Russian Government in its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund. -- Also -- Research Officer, Centre for Economic Performance, September 1992–August 1993. Wrote Russian Economic Trends, the quarterly report of the Russian Government."

Note that he was also advising Iceland's Central Bank via his consultancy, Sebago Associates, Inc., just before it crashed. Not surprising - look where he went to school! And what it was founded upon..."a British intellectual socialist movement, whose purpose is to advance the principles of social democracy via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary, means."

Just how much more of this embarrassing nonsense must we tolerate? There is no end to the list of unapologetic socialists at the head of this country. "What then must we do?" God DAMN it. What will it take to make this country MOVE?

Well, crap - and I started this out all light hearted and shit. Carry on.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 21 Gun

Today I was able to sneak away from work long enough to see Trooper perform his duty at the Law Officers Memorial event at DPS. I haven't seen him in that role before. And, frankly, didn't get to see him do it today - my desire for a good view and shade ensured I missed him as he was staged at the rear. Argh!

I'll have to catch it on the local news, I suppose, just as I have before...

But it was good to spend time honoring those who have died in service to Texas...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

You're Not Doing It Right

That's what I tell myself all the time about this blogging business. I'm old school, after all. I came from the land of SLMR and DOS. A world where you had to preface your photo database entries with a 3 letter code: ASS, PU...well, you get it. And let me tell you - after you've described the contents of a CD of boobs one is hard pressed to think of new descriptors. "Another fine set jammed up against a wall/the glass/her cat..." Yes, it's true. I was once a partner in the purveyor of pYorn.

Oh, it was a profitable venture in the beginning! I cannot tell you the name of the broadcaster who had a tender passion for Barefoot Women Smoking. It was a kind of honor to be able to sate that predilection, let me tell you! Weird, too, that overly intimate knowledge of a complete stranger. Their spouse didn't know but I did.

And as the Mustang software turned that 1200 BAUD base into the clambering 2400 set, they didn't just want photos, no. They wanted to talk about their thang. It wasn't long before I stepped away from that hot mess and moved on to something a bit more erudite. It was there that I "met" Billy. And McQ. It was the domain of the man that wrote this. (I'll loan my copy if you promise to return it.) That little corner of the web's fetus was a sort of Valhalla. I would only sit back and read, too afraid to respond. (Not much has changed, frankly. I am still quite silent in the midst of most of your posts, friends.)

There was nothing else like it and I wish someone had saved it all. From the story of the Catastrophe (award for the cat with the best butt) to the tale of the naked guy who woke up to a fireman to the "no man is/on an island" was all quality stuff. But it was so different! It was difficult back then - you had to know how to use a modem then how to find a BBS that suited you, and finally the rules of the joint because they'd keel haul you and kick you off if you were a jerk. Then, Usenet. The floodgates opened and any moron could figure out how to get "online" because - ok, fine - the nekkid chicks were a big inducement to learn how. But then it was just too tempting to not act like a jerk online because you knew no one could find you.

And now it is nothing but a junior high on the net. I sometimes think back to the early days wistfully. Why not shut out the idiots? Why not keep it private and quiet? Or maybe - this comes back to my point - maybe it's just me.

I am a data snacker. I love a fact, enjoy too much the research a mystery can demand. I can link things together like some geeked out NSA cube rat, stuffing it in my packet/pocket for thinking about later. But I am not very good at keeping track of the rest of you. I manage, these days, to hit a top 20 list. I might comment (tucking away that always-niggling fear of sounding like a complete newb) but then forget where/when and lose track of it, never to return to the topic.

Sometimes I think this entire affair a very bad idea. All these words that cannot be erased. I think my friend was wise when he unplugged that halcyon place and didn't try to make it work in the dingy present. I think often about just ditching the whole damned thing. (All 10 of you may update your links. Har!) It is actually quite a relief to have a none-small audience. Because I take (perhaps too) seriously the task of Communication. Happy Mothers Day photos, no standard fare but just this hearkening back to Better the Wild West, it was a more polite society online then. I miss it, really. But then I'd be missing all of you, "we few, we happy few". So carry on. Just know that I'm not very damned good at this blogging thing. But I mean well.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Getting Ready

This post was against the possible future...

I concur that projectiles are more likely to be needed than the gun. We have, of course, a fair amount of each here and there. But one thing that we have stocked up on - mostly because it is cheap, easy to store, and won't go bad - is sugar.

Just imagine - you've been trying to cope through 3 months of very difficult days with low food, and water, and maybe even threats and injury. No matter how well you planned, it might be the thing you didn't count on needing. Or maybe it's the thing that your kids have missed that you cannot provide.

Of course, we have a lot more than that stowed but it was an easy decision to make - it is a "currency" that will be recognized, desired, and valuable. Not to mention it ensures you never have to ask the neighbor for a cup.

Another item that I've been investing in - though only a few thus far - are the fantastic Ex Officio shirts. Good for both concealed carry coverage - assuming you, like me, don't really give a rats ass if it peeks out now and then. It also keeps the sun off, making you feel a lot cooler than you'd imagine in long sleeves. And the vents are a blessing in the Texas summer.

The other thing I do which might seem silly is print out and stash away printed versions of manuals, maintenance directions, and important documents related to governance. In a crisis you may be the one that a hundred people look to for a decision. Or you may be trying to get a dozen people to do the job of a platoon. Maybe you have to start that generator that your husband always started for you and he's not there. Your laptop may be useless. Having a filebox of basic documents will never be a bad idea.

Neither of us goes anywhere without a bag - a fairly large one - full of CYA items. Yes, even the dog has a go bag. And dry food canned and sealed for easy and long lasting storage. We just need to compile a smaller version of the same - the "I can't haul this 50 lb pack into the movie theatre" bag. My "handbag" has a decent assortment of stuff but could be better. Just as you have a gun that will get you to the other guns in an emergency so too should you have a bag that will let you live through whatever happens long enough to get to your big bag.

The only thing we haven't cared for well enough are the drops - stashes here and there against urgent need. It is something I think about fairly often. But we're better off than most. As I hope you shall be.

If you haven't put up a good 6 months of food yet get your ass to the Mormon's canning center and take advantage of their very wise processes and selections. You can buy mixed cases of pre-canned (tin canned) foods - nothing easier than that! Get one every few weeks and you will soon have enough to get you through a tough time. Be sure to look at one of the calculators to ensure you have enough. And don't forget the protein, either. You can SURVIVE on the recommendations but won't be fit for much else and certainly no athletic demands...

Just think about those things you'd need most - maybe toilet paper and medicines are your priority. Hey, I've got both stashed! Just think about it and do a little at a time. It is not going to improve - I feel that strongly - the conditions in our country will get harder. Best to have something to back your play...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why I Don't Join

When a group gets too large, it starts working toward keeping its stature and the perqs that brings.

This is simply madness. "It's sooo hard to find places that permit it..." Really? What about you put out a bid to all states, all convention centers and demand that they negotiate for your very profitable venture?

Never mind - I never wanted to be in a club that would have me.

Loving Town

Wonderful little essay here...lovely and evocative. Do take a moment to enjoy it.

Grinning Madly

Look at that photo there and tell me if it doesn't give you some heart. Hooligans - it is taking soccer hooligans to paint the true picture. Bless `em. I may just have to get one of their darling Welsh caps...

Then look at the video here and wonder if those sweating troops know the truth of the man holding their leash. (Particularly amusing was the SWAT "mascot" at 1:28 & 2:29...dude, seriously, the uniform comes in that size? Because I need one. I jest! I jest!)

I do not call it intimidation, really. I think it would have been amusing if they'd chosen to turn their back to the crowd and face the auditorium at the end, just to sort of show a bit of support for the real Americans. They were actually few in number, quite low on their level of gear, and staid. But then it was perhaps all they could do - the lack of shields a kind of nod to the public - a mea culpa. Still, all you teams out ought to come up with something, some kind of sign so that we know you know.

Nothing like patriotic serenades, though, heard inside. Rather, "I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. " Really? I suppose you haven't reached that point yourself, Sirrah! Nor your wife?

The rapidity of the sinking of this ship astounds. Not so much the size of the rats wending their way to the top, though. At least it is easier to see them all lumped together like that. They're getting careless. Which means that something very strong and very public must happen. Because he must next take control of that pesky 2nd - I do wonder what they'll come up with.