Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Rand Branding

Billy stitches this one up nicely and I wish that Rand Paul could have put it as properly.

"You can try all the force you want, but the elements of peoples' heart & mind character in which matters like racism abide are not available to your steel-patchouli do-goodery. You might think that you're doing "the good of society" (third paragraph) by stripping others of their right to decide on their own associations (whether you like them or not, or whether they're even rational or not), but you're not."


Ed Rasimus said...

I've got a life-sized picture of it! Growing up in Chicago (on the North side) there were a group of us white boys that loved jazz and late on a Saturday night we would occasionally decide to head to one of the two or three jazz clubs at places like 47th & Drexel Blvd. Same scene as Billy's Gary "Elbow Room".

You can legislate all you want but people associate with others on their own dime.

The down side of this, however, is that like father, like son. Rand is now the Republican nominee and while we might be sympathetic to some of his libertarian lunacies, the more important issue is winning the seat and regaining some semblance of control of the legislature.

If Rand can put a lid on it until he has the power of incumbency at some future election, he would improve the chances.

LauraB said...

I would prefer he wasn't one to resort to expediency in order to garner a vote. But perhaps things are just bad enough that we play the enemy's game...