Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She Appears

Guess what landed in my in-box today? You guys all know of my penchant for the Morrigan...well, Ranger Up has a shirt on pre-order just for us ladies. Tah-dah!

GORGEOUS! Amazing. Precisely what was needed to get me to come off my ass and spend some $$ with the guys. Once there, of course, I just had to lob a couple more shirts into the order bin - check out their Liberty Tree.

These guys are always doing their very best to put out products that support what we believe in. As I told them, I am always deciding, "Would I rather spend this amount on bullets?". Now and then, though, it's important to show some love to those who are doing it right.

Cannot WAIT to get her...she's gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Oooh cool shirt. I've been to their site before. May have to break down and order this time.

LauraB said...

They have put out a number of great ones in the past two months. And I love supporting them...