Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just For A Laugh

I need a giggle just now and these guys delivered. (I have not a care in the world for the World Cup but cannot stand the coverage for a moment because of the bleating of the morons, amplified.) Hilarious.

Hadn't been to Matt G's place in a while (nor many others - not enough time in the world to keep up). He had this to offer but didn't provide the kindly beverage warning that I shall give you. Safe to drink post-1:15m.

Matt also mentions the "catch and release" problems faced lately. As for Trooper? He looks at it like a vitamin - one a day! Seriously, they are called "no gottee's" here - as in no got license, no got insurance, no got ID. Which then means No Got No Choice. One of them had an ICE hold for no-show on her deportation hearing. The sheer number of violators is astounding. Append the number that are going about their business without being caught?

Build the damned fence already. We can pitch back over whatever we catch and at least avoid the rest. Use this plan - it is already proven.


Keads said...

I agree, build the fence!

And I do appreciate the "safe to drink" advisory. That was the best laugh I have had all week!


Ed Rasimus said...

Why am I flashing back to Fleetwood Mac, USC and Tusk?

LauraB said...

K, glad the warning was useful!

Ed, ditto...I'd have given a lot to see Mick stand up in a gillie.