Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We Are Not Amused

Or so says that feral beasty...Trooper's text had me spitting scone and tea everywhere.

"She has chewed the box of 22 ammo - there are piles of it all over the floor - about 500 rounds worth. And she dragged every shoe in the house out to the living room and piled them up - but only one of each pair. Did not chew them. Ranger was giving her the look. The 'you are in trouble' look."

She has her own way about her. I took time this AM in full office attire to walk her for 20 minutes alone - her own time - in the hope she would "take a break" as we call it. Nope. But as soon as we were inside she was in the bedroom squatting. What the hell kinda message is THAT?! I sweated half my face off for that?

I tell you - if I was single or dogless I'd take her on just to win this contest of wills. It's a full on chick fight, I tell you. Sigh...fingers crossed the canine unit wants her...the inquiry is in.

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